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How do you increase the damage your weapons do?

Is there a console command or something? I want to be able to do one-hit kills with the pistol in single-player modeyes, there is a console command, but you may need to re-enter it each map change.something...

UPDATED: Half-Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3, Source 2 + Much More Found on Valve Project Tracker

Update 2: We've put together a list of the names of 791 "projects" that were found in this database. You can view it on Pastebin now.Update 1: We have recently been sent a copy of the original Jira archive...

Steam: The Ultimate Digital Distribution Platform for Video Games

A digital distribution platform, also known as an Electronic Distribution Platform (EDP) is an online space such as a website that allows users to create, publish and distribute the content created over the Internet. It consists of...