There are several online casino games that one can play. One of the most popular games that are quite beginner-friendly and easy to understand is; Hi-Lo. This is a card game that is common in casinos. This one will be dealt with a card, and the player will have to guess whether the next drawn card will be low or high in value. If one wins, they will get a payout on their bet, and the drawn card will act as a base card. If one does not win, the dealer will start a new round. Here is a complete guide on what high low game is, what strategy to use and what makes live dealer Hi-Lo so much fun.

Hi-Lo playing strategy 

When it comes to playing any online casino game, it is crucial to understand the game and not get greedy with the outcome. Hi-Lo is a simple game but requires proper understanding and clever decision-making. One of the best and easiest ways to increase the chances of winning wagers is by placing bets with lower odds as the winning chance is more than going for higher payout odds.

Hi-Lo is quite an easy game to play and thus does not require much planning beforehand. This also means there are not many strategies that one can use to win the game. However, there is one game strategy that one can use; martingale. This is even- money progressive betting strategy, most used for online roulette.

This one will start betting with the lowest possible wagers. Keep playing till one loses a hand. Now, double the wager and repeat the same process. When one wins, they will be able to retrieve the lost money. But, one thing to keep in mind is that martingale is a playing strategy that will make the bankroll go empty pretty fast. So, one should be careful while using this playing strategy.

Tip for Hi-Lo players

Playing any casino game is about understanding, having a strategy, and using one’s brain. Those wanting to win bets on Hi-Lo should use their strategy and winning tips instead of their luck. It is important to remember that there is no shortcut to winning Hi-Lo.

Here are some tips that experts abide by:

Always choose the best casino: Before playing, one should pay attention to the quality of the online casino. There should be a bonus, and the casino should be safe and secured.

Play for free: One should choose to play for free before placing wagers. Find casinos where they allow a few free runs to familiarize themselves with the gameplay.

– Read the rules: One of the crucial parts of playing Hi-Lo is understanding the rules. The rules are simple, but one should have a complete grasp of the odds, wager system, and how to know the risk of each hand.

Understand payouts: One thing to keep in mind is that each game round will have new payouts. Therefore, one should pay attention to the payout and play for either high or low at each card.

Maintain a budget: Before starting a game, one should decide the budget. This will help maintain bankroll while playing and will put a stop to when one is losing continuously.

Odds, payouts, RTPs, and house edge

The game is simple, but it still requires some fast-paced decisions that require observation skills. In this game, the odds of every round will vary. Not only will the odds vary, but the payout too. The higher the odds, the lower the payout on that round. Usually, the odds can be specified as around 50-50, but with a house edge in the count, it reduces to 47.5 percent. The game’s house edge is 2.5 percent, and the RTP of the game is around 98 percent.

Live dealer Hi-Lo

Over time, live dealer games are gaining much attention from casino enthusiasts. Even if people like the comfort of being at home or anywhere else and still playing casino games. There is still a lot of thrill in playing against dealers. This is why many popular games of online casinos these days are live dealer games.

Hi-Lo is also a game that has turned live. Many reputed casinos are allowing Hi Lo live dealers games, in which players can play against a dealer at any time of the day.

Playing Hi-Lo in a live dealer game is quite similar to the online version. Here one will see live dealer place three base cards. After this, one will have a chance to change the base cards. Next, one will have to place the bets. On the screen, there is one Hi and one Lo button. Click on the button as per one’s hand. Hi, if one thinks the next card will be higher than the base card and Lo versa. One can also skip around if one thinks the risk is too high to meet.

Why play the live Hi-Lo game?

Some of the reasons why live Hi-Lo games are gaining such popularity are:

  1. In the live dealer game of Hi-Lo, one can choose a dealer of their choice.
  2. The new players can get tips and thus will easily learn the game.
  3. The cards are shuffled and pulled by live dealers rather than the computer algorithm.
  4. The player can interact with the dealer, which gives a land-based casino vibe while playing.

Choosing a casino

When playing the high low game, one can find many options littered across the internet. But here are a few factors that should be counted while choosing any online casino:

– There should be both RNG and live dealer Hi-Lo games available.

– The casino should accept a wide variety of payment methods.

– The wagering requirement of playing Hi-Lo should be below.

– The casino should offer bonuses and promotions that include Hi-Lo.

– The withdrawal limit of the Hi-Lo online gaming should be below.

Hi-Lo is an easy game and does not require much deliberation and preparation from the player’s side. Even the beginners and those who are not that well aware of casino games can play and learn within a few beginning rounds.