By Arham Akhtar

Light is the eternal source of power. How would you feel when you are robbed of this treasure? This is what the Witch queen devourers upon to keep her appetite fed. Wondering how you can stop it?

Well, no more hiding and running for the Hive goddess Savathun.

Let us charge our weapons and unfold the truth by bending your mind. The witch queen anticipates a fight. The game is now yours to play.

Scroll on to explore the hidden gems of the witch queen.

How Can a Player Possess the Witch Queen Version?

Just like the older arena of Destiny 2, this one too comes as a pocket expenditure. The two paid versions are:

  • Where the standard version amounts to $39.99, it consists of Raids, weapons, and exciting shields.
  • The other version is the premium version amounting to $79.99. It consists of standard version features along with campaigns, osteo stringa exotic SMG, catalyst, and ornaments. Not just this, the player can have to acquire all four seasons(16, 17, 18, and 19)  for a period of 5 years. Additional dungeons and absolute throne world sparrow.

Destiny 2 hasn’t forgotten about its other category players. A player can ingress mission and weapon crafting without accessing the paid version.

The Witch Queen

It may get difficult for some players to win over this version. However, stay calm; you can explore Destiny 2 Recovery Services that can help you hike your rank and gameplay.

A player receives the following benefits:

  • Bungie rewards
  • Exotic Armors
  • New throne and title.
  • Special Emblem
  • 8 module upgrades
  • Set up of 20 gears
  • Repayment if the player is dissatisfied.
  • The power level should be 1360 for normal players, and the guardians can start at 1350.
  • However, you can raise your power level by attending to the current reward system along with playing legendary difficulty level. This set will offer a player a full set of 1520 power levels. This might not be an easy takeover, so come fully armed.

Now that we have explored the benefits, let us find how you can start:

  1. You can sign up with either of the two modes,
  2. Be Brave: This comes with easy difficulty. It is designed for those who are a great combo of story and combat.
  3. Become Legend: This mode will test your efficiency and comes with more difficulty. This has to offer exciting rewards.

What Are the New Exotic Weapons a Player Can Have?

  1. Osteo Stringa(SMG): It tracks the enemy with toxic projections and stringent firing.
  2. Edge of Concurrence(Glavie): A hybrid of Melee and polearm. It comes with armor.
  3. Edge of Action(Glavie): Edge of Action is a combination of Melee and Polearm. It loads fast when the magazine is empty.
  4. Edge of Intent(Glavie): An extremely stable weapon with a shield feature. It generates intense damage at close range.
  5. Parasite(Grenade Launcher): Looking to blow the Hive, this can be the right fit. It fires the worms of Hive. This brings intense damage to the enemy.
  6. Dead Messenger(Grenade Launcher): It releases three lethal waves. Enough to blow the enemy’s ground.
  7. Grand Overture(Machine Gun): Pull the trigger, and this brings maximum damage when fired. It is also called a heavy strangler initiator.

New Shields and Ways to Own Them

  1. Loreley Splendor Helm( A Titan Helmet): When a player defeats the legendary level or Master lost sector, Ikora will reward the player with this weapon.
  2. Hoarfrost-Z(Chest Armor): When a player defeats the legendary level or Master lost sector, Ikora will reward the player with this weapon.
  3. Blight Ranger(Helmet): Each day, a player can explore new helmets. Therefore you need to look first at what the offer is1 today. After scrutiny, you can enter the Legendary Lost sector that would help you own it.

Last Words

To explore the horizons of Destiny 2, the witch queen is the most promising gameplay. The exciting story of this arena is very engaging. The witch queen offers new weapons and a new strategy to defeat the raging wrath of the queen. The witch queen has created a new realm of darkness, giving her womb an immortal character.