The vacation rental industry has recorded tremendous growth and development over the years. What was once solely a tourism idea is now an investment hub from which many have made a fortune. The industry has grown so much that its revenue in 2020 amounted to about $49.54 billion.

Cabins make up one of the most common vacation rental properties people buy because of rising demands. The idea of people and their families or friends journeying down to the woods and retiring to the peaceful ambiance of cabins is becoming more adopted by the day. The latter offers them the perfect opportunity to unwind and relax as it provides an out-of-the-ordinary holiday experience and warmth that many seek.

If you’re a budding investor and you’ve been sold on the idea of investing in a vacation rental property, finding a cabin rental business for sale is something to consider. Doing this comes with several benefits, one of them being massive returns on investment.

However, as with any other investment option, buying a log cabin investment property isn’t an endeavor to undertake for the fun of it. It requires adequate research, planning, and preparation. Besides putting a concrete plan in place, you’ve got to calculate costs, crafting a marketing strategy, contend with local laws, etc.

This article will examine six things to know about investing in a cabin rental business for sale.

Location is Essential

Location is an essential factor to consider when investing in a venture, and a cabin rental business isn’t an exception. It has to do with you figuring out the best place you want your investment situated. It’s no news that cabins typically get built in the woods, mountains, by a landmark (lake, spring, etc), and residential areas.

However, to get the most out of your investment, you must find a prime location for it, where there’s a high demand for the business. Also, consider the average rate commanded by cabin rentals in the area.

Another thing to consider is the level of privacy you want guests to enjoy. Do you want the cabin near a famous resort or in a secluded space? You also need to ask yourself if you’ll be building the structure on an empty plot of land, renovating an existing old one using DIY tips from Grandma’s House, or simply buying a ready-to-live-in property.

Proximity to amenities and facilities is another essential locational consideration to factor into your plan.

You Need to Figure Out the Type of Cabin to Buy

In procuring a cabin business for sale, you have lots of options, and they’re worth exploring. While many people’s idea of a cabin is a small wooden house located in the woods, you need to know that they come in various shapes, sizes and get built with diverse materials. They also come in varying designs, including mobile, pre-fabricated, A-frame, etc.

These cabin types and designs all have unique investment implications. The best way to maximize profit is to choose one with features that can easily attract guests and generate high revenue.

Calculate the Investment Costs

Before proceeding with a rental cabin business investment, you need to calculate and figure out how much it’ll cost to pull off the deal. Doing this will give you an idea of how much to prepare and how to finance the business.

It’ll also help you know if you need to take out a loan or mortgage. You’ll need to know how much it will cost to maintain the structure, marketing expenses, cost of furniture and amenities, the amount that will go into cleaning, repairs, etc.

You Need a Cabin Rental Business Plan

A business plan is a written document featuring the goals, rules, operational strategies, and framework to guide decision-making in a new business and map out its future. Creating a viable one for your rental cabin business will enable you to identify risks and set goals before investing.

It’ll help you determine the feasibility of the endeavor and show you its potential and chances at success. With a well-crafted plan, you get to define the strategies with which you’ll run the business, and there will be a guide to consult in the future to ensure the venture is going as planned.

You must have a viable cabin rental business plan before buying the property so that you can know if it’s a viable investment option or not.

Define Your Marketing Strategies

After you’ve decided on type and location, defining the marketing strategies you intend to adopt in logical terms is the next thing to do before splashing money on a cabin rental business for sale. Doing this involves showing how you intend to market the cabin and defining your target audience. Do you want it to be a resort for families, a getaway for newlyweds, a resting point for travelers, or a generic spot for all users?

Then, you want to specify your target audience – is it for an international one or people from a specific region? Can a guest come with their pets? After providing answers to these questions, you want to choose a marketing medium – holiday booking platforms, local property listing, social media, etc.

Another thing to specify is its availability – is it a year-round property or a seasonal one? Is there a specific time of the year it’ll be unavailable for booking? Make all these known clearly and concisely, devoid of ambiguities.

Specify the Amenities the Cabin Will Offer

As an avid investor that knows the significance of uniqueness, you want to ensure that your cabin rental investment stands out and ranks higher than others. One way to make it happen is by putting in place state-of-the-art amenities for guests’ satisfaction.

Before embarking on that investment journey, endeavor to create a list of amenities and conveniences you’ll be including in your rental cabin. For instance, a hot tub allows guests to relax and unwind, especially after hiking all day. Introducing it will go a long way in boosting its rating.


Investing in a cabin rental business can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. However, you could also lose a lot to it if you don’t take your time to research and plan. The tips examined above are all essential factors to consider before taking that big step.

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