It is very much possible that your last cake turned out to look like a tragic scene from the Sleeping Beauty. If this has happened with you, then you should not sit and sob. Rather, go on and look for some better ways to be able to bake the delicious and perfect cake for your birthday. We have been successful in getting all the information that we would need for baking a birthday cake from the best sources. From going through recipe books to watching YouTube tutorials; our experts have done everything. With his much effort, we have come up with a small guide that can help you bake a delicious birthday cake.

Decide the Recipe First

The first and foremost thing which we need to decide while we begin with the baking of a cake is to decide the recipe that you would swear by. It is very important that you choose the cake flavor which is loved by the birthday person. It can be chocolate, vanilla, or butterscotch; but it should be their favorite. After you choose the flavor, make sure that you pick the design which is easy for you.

Learn Some Birthday Cake Baking Tips

Whether you are a novice baker or have been spending hours and hours baking a cake, there is always a chance of improvement. Below we have discussed some important tips that all the experts follow while baking the cakes for birthday.

  • Not to overbeat the ingredients! The over mixing of batter can produce far too much gluten which will make the texture of the cake a denser one. This will become more of a pancake and less of your real cake.
  • Do not ever and ever forget to grease the aluminum tin before you put the cake batter in for baking.
  • Always keep in mind that it never means that you have to bake a layer cake only for the birthday celebration. Rather you can also start with the preparation of a single layer round cake or a sheet cake which is not just easy to make but also delicious to eat. Because the faster you bake, the more you are going to enjoy it.
  • If in case you find that the top layer of cake is too sticky or very hard to frost, then it is because you must have covered it before it cooled down. When you do so, the heat gets trapped which makes the cake look tacky and it becomes very embarrassing to serve it to the guests. So, it is better to get a cake rack for cooling the cake.

Cake Decorating Tips

When it is about the adornment of birthday cake, we can evidently say that sky’s the limit! You may go over the board with simplicity and sophistication or entirely; only leave space for some candles. Either way you go, here are a few ways to ensure that your decoration goes smoothly.

  • From sprinklers to fresh fruits, you have plenty of ideas raging up which you can add to the top of the cake.
  • Make sure that you also learn how to write ‘Happy Birthday’ with the help of piping.
  • Rest you always have an option of dripping chocolate ganache or blueberry glaze on the cake to decorate it.

But wait a minute, if you are already tired reading these tips and do not want to bake the cake, then here is a solution for you. One always has the most accessible option which is choosing online cake delivery for surprising people with delicious cakes. Go ahead and do this before you get late!!!