white bed with gray and white bed linen

If you’ve ever read CS Lewis’s Narnia books, or seen any of the adaptations for film and television, then you might have wanted a magical wardrobe of your own. While this might be a little bit of a tall order, you can still create the feel of a magical wardrobe. If you’ve got a son or daughter, then they might like a magical wardrobe of their own – and an entire bedroom to go with it.

Let’s run through a few magical Narnia-inspired items to include in your bedroom refurbishment project.

Wooden Interior

Of course, the centerpiece of your bedroom should be that distinctive freestanding wardrobe. Timber is an attractive material for a range of reasons. It’s easy to work with, even if you don’t have much experience in DIY. It’s strong and durable, meaning that it’ll last the distance. It comes in many different varieties, meaning that you’ll be able to pick out one that suits your needs. Finally, timber is more sustainable than many of the alternatives. Just make sure that the timber you pick up is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

If you’d like to take advantage of your available space, then you might go for a custom-built fitted wardrobe instead. You can create just the same magic atmosphere, but you won’t have the wasted space around the rear and the ceiling.

Comfort and Style

You’ll want your child’s room to fit with your child’s tastes. Gentle, pastel shades tend to work best – especially if you’re going to be trying to get them to settle down. If they’re old enough, you might look for their help in picking out colours and decorations. Just make sure that you have the final say. For best results, you might ask them to point you in the general direction they’re looking for, and leave it to you to pick out specific shades. You can test your chosen colours in a virtual environment before you commit. As ever, it’s a good idea to get a few tester pots, so that you can see how things look in the actual room.

Nature and Animals

There’s nothing quite so magical as the natural world. Introducing a little bit of it into your interior can make all the difference. Plush toys based around animals, and a few choice illustrations, can be immensely beneficial. A few houseplants can also work wonders in building the right mood, while supporting mental health.

Fresh Fragrance

Creating the right vibe in a bedroom might be a matter of introducing the right fragrances. Certain smells can trigger a powerful sense of nostalgia. In the case of your Narnia-inspired room, pine fragrance might be a great choice – get a plug-mounted air freshener.