Have you tried to play a video slot? If you have, chances are that you already know how video slots work and how they reward players. The bigger question that needs to be answered is what makes slots popular.

Currently, the most popular online video slot out there is Starburst. It is a brand of its own. Most casino games recognize their online presence. No matter which casino website you visit, you will come across this game. The game is popular among players that want an introduction to online slots. You can play Starburst here.

From Humble Beginnings

NetEnt is the name behind Starburst. The company is easily one of the most popular casino game developers in the entire world. It focuses on creating online slots as well as other card and table games. NetEnt is known for making branded slots that feature famous musicians, games, actors, movies, and more.

But, when Starburst was first launched in 2012, NetEnt thought it would be another fiasco since not many players would take an interest in it. The reason behind this is that the company believed that slot spinners would not be interested in checking out another new slot that offered the same stones.

The company thought that players want something exciting with breathtaking visuals and cutting-edge animations. It seemed that Starburst could not offer that and that it would make its way into the trash can in no time. However, NetEnt was wrong and people took great interest in Starburst and found it to be a great game. Thus, within just a few years, the game ended up topping all the lists and claimed the number one title for online slot games.

What Made Starburst So Popular?

You might be wondering what made Starburst popular. The answer to the question is quite simple. It’s the way it has been created. Starburst is a video slot that features a 10-pay line video. It has a standard 5 x 3 grid. Therefore, players get five reels and each reel has three rows. When it comes to the world of online slots, this grid is extremely popular since players find it to be most comfortable. Moreover, the slot provides standard options like Max Bet, AutoPlay, and more.

Players get to choose the level of the bet. This standard approach makes it a lot easier for one to play. There is also a special Starburst wild which allows you to substitute the symbols on the reel. Hence, players get to create valuable combos. Another great thing about the wild symbol is that it can even expand and re-spin if you get lucky.

The reason why Starburst is such a hit is that it offers the perfect combination of music, gameplay, animations, and design. The game is set in space and it has a relaxing vibe that makes one feel giddy.


When it came to creating Starburst, NetEnt decided to make sure that the game is perfectly designed. It’s relaxing and yet mysterious look made it a huge success.