We all know that in today’s era, gaming is popular among the young and young at heart. For a gamer, playing games is more than just a game to them. It brings joy and entertainment today, but games have evolved more than what we anticipated. Now, you can earn money while enjoying the games you love. Dota is the most popular game today, and you can earn thousands of dollars from playing this game via a worldwide tournament.

Some games need the required hardware components to play without worries and intervention. If you want to play high graphics games, you might need to prepare a lot of money to achieve your goal. Here are some common problems that a gamer encounters during playing games:

Online Lag

Online lag is one of the most common problems that every player encountered with their PC. Even when you have a high-end gaming rig, when the internet starts to mess-up and causes high ping and latency, you can’t play games the way you want. The unstable internet is the cause of the online lag.

If you want to play games without any intervention, you should get a good quality internet connection with higher Mbps to play games without lag. Avoid using wifi if you want to play games as wifi might cause some internet connection failure as wifi gets a signal from your PC’s router to have an internet connection. An ethernet connection cable is a better setup for online games.

Bottleneck CPU/RAM

Most gamers considered every component of their rig like RAM, CPU, Motherboard, Power Supply, and even their PC casing. Non-gamer pick whatever they like and won’t consider the PC components and the game requirements they want to play.

Without regarding the key components, the CPU performance will hit the bottleneck, resulting in freezing with their PC while playing games or sudden exit of their games. It can also cause a delay when clicking and delay even the moving of the mouse cursor. To avoid having a bottleneck performance of your PC, you need to choose your rig’s right components.


The most common problem that the gamer encountered during playing games is hanging or freezing. Even a non-gamer, they also experience this kind of problem. Every owner of a PC even encounters freezing their computers while using. Hanging or freezing is due to the bottleneck performance of CPU or RAM.

Some ways of encountering this problem are viruses or spyware, the full capacity of the hard drive, and even the operating system that might cause freezing or hanging. There are many ways to fix or know the cause of the problem. First, you can search on google regarding windows 10 freeze fix. If the OS itself is the problem, you need to reformat your PC and freshly install a new operating system.

Another option is to check your RAM and CPU capacity. If the RAM and CPU capacity hits 100%, you need to upgrade both components. When playing high-end computer games, the probability of encountering this problem is due to the low-end graphics card. You need to upgrade if you want to play high-end computer games smoothly.

Crashing Games

The most annoying problem that the gamer encounters while playing a game is the game crashing. If you’re playing an MMORPG or MMO games, you need to avoid crashing games. You need to save the game to continue playing from the last save point. If the game crashes and you don’t save your progress, you need to repeat the process and waste your time playing without saving the progress.

If you’re playing a real-time game like DOTA and Call of Duty, it will affect the team performance, and you might lose the game completely. The standard solution to avoid the issue is to have installed the latest video driver of your GPU.

Performance and Glitching

The better performance of your rig is, the better you will appreciate the games you love. Performance and glitching have been the issue and concern of most computer gamers. The innovation of the graphics card is helpful when addressing the issue. Although the graphics card can be expensive, it is still worth installing a GPU to your rig to enhance the performance and avoid glitching while playing.

Playing smoothly without any issue is the best way to play and focus on your games. Performance is what everybody is looking for when choosing their rig. Performance is significant when playing games.


Playing games is not just a game for most of the gamers. It can be their way of avoiding toxic people or relieving their stress. Building your rig might be expensive, but performance is everything when playing the games you love from the gamer’s perspective. When building your rig, you need to consider all the key components to avoid any common issue when playing games.