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The fact that anyone can bet doesn’t make it easy. To bet and make a profit, you must play with prudence, system, and self-control. And above all, to play odds and not points. What we call, value bet. What does this mean? For example, the player bets in the finals of a huge match, and the double gives 1.55; there is no betting value in the victory of the one team. Regardless of what you play, the value bet is the ace with 6.00 or the X with 4.00. In this article, we will give you ten tips to win a bet.

1. The right choice of offers

Betting companies run promotions almost daily in an effort to attract new members to their platforms. Many of them refer to their already registered members wanting to stimulate their betting interest, even offering them Free Bets. You should always pay attention to the terms and conditions that accompany them. Many of them require increased betting turnover to release their winnings. There you can find yourself trapped and virtually without the right of withdrawal. If for an experienced player, the selection of the bonus seems a simple matter, it requires great care to declare participation in those that he can serve for a beginner.

2. How to win?

First of all, you need to be informed and watch the games, so you’ll have an opinion on the teams. If you can’t see them on the TV, then read the sports news, but do whatever you can to learn as much as you can. Secondly, you should prefer live betting. Everyone knows that you get a good idea in the first quarter of what the outcome may be in a game. So, the combination of a good study of the match before the start, with the live watching, can lead you more easily to win money. And of course, no one can guarantee that you will always win.

3. Should I follow someone’s example?

It all depends on how much time you have on your hands to study and analyze. If you don’t have much time, then it’s better you took the advice of someone you trust that knows what he is doing. But you must have tried and tested their suggestions with small amounts for a long period of time before you try serious betting. Make your own betting strategy and try to apply it daily. Be consistent in your decisions and follow your intuition. The right strategy and the right system will save you from unexpected situations.

4. How much money should I play?

For new players, it’s useful to create a fund by setting limits on their game. Set up a budget and stick to it, based on the money you can afford to lose so the money that you will bet won’t be needed in your everyday life. The logic of playing to get what money you may need is definitely wrong. Even if you manage to spend all your funds in a few days, do not try to exceed it. Give yourself some time to calm down and return to the game soberly.

Another thing you should avoid is the loans. As mentioned above, we only gamble as much money as we can afford by losing in the long run. If you get into the process of playing on loan, then you will soon find yourself owing to the people around you.

5. Is betting on my team a good place to start?

This is a matter of experience. The experienced player is not affected by emotions and plays what his mind tells him logically. Also, the main goal is to win money and support your team in matches they may lose.

6. What are special bets?

Special bets include those that do not involve a clear point or under/over 2.5. Special bet is the half/final, the exact score, the under 0.5 or the over 0.5. Also, bets on scorers, yellow or red cards, corners, etc. Of course, all of this is in soccer. There are also a number of special bets in basketball, such as each player’s points, which team will reach a predetermined score first, etc.

7. Single bets or parole?

The easiest way to win the bet is to play alone. From threes and up, you can increase the odds, but the chance of winning becomes very small. After all, online betting gives you better odds on singles.

8. How often should I play?

Betting is one of the hundreds of activities you can do during the day. Avoid being isolated in front of your computer screen. After all, you can’t interfere in the development of the game. Instead, spend time on other activities by getting the thought of continuous betting out of your mind.

Also, it depends on the information you have. It would be best if you only played when you have found something so good that it is worth betting on. If you find something good every day, play it every day. If you find something you like once a year, play only once a season. It is also a good idea, if you play regularly, at least three or four times a week, to find a month in time to abstain, to clear your mind. That is, take betting breaks.

9. Play with small or large odds?

Bookmakers are not random, so the lower the odds, the more likely the point is to pass. There are many different answers to this question. Those who argue that small odds are better are usually either those who play a lot of money at one point or those who combine three or four favorite odds by playing a parlay.

10. Addiction and dependence

If you think betting has become addictive, try to deal with it while it is still in its infancy. An addiction can easily happen to anyone. Give yourself time and seek help from a specialist.