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Google Drive and Dropbox are convenient cloud storage platforms that give you access to all your files wherever you are. Both platforms are popular for offering great, user-friendly services.

Although at first glance the services might seem very similar, they do have some differences. Therefore, knowing Dropbox vs Google Drive’s platforms will make it easier for you to choose the best option.

Keep reading for a Google Drive Vs. Dropbox showdown, designed to help you choose between the two.

Google Drive

Google Drive has been around since 2006. One of the most convenient things about it is that it is integrated with other Google applications such as Gmail. Therefore, the platform makes it incredibly easy to send any type of file.

Plans and Pricing

One of the best things about Google is that they give you 15 GB of free storage. With this, you can try out the service and decide if you like it or not. If you do, you have the option to upgrade.

For 100 GB of storage, Google charges its users $1.99 per month. For 200 GB, the price goes up to $1.99.

If you are looking for a lot more storage, Google Drive has the option of purchasing 2TB of storage for $9.99 per month, or 5TB for $24.99 per month.


Google Drive offers a 2-factor authentication. In addition, it also offers data encryption for your files.

File Sharing

Google Drive allows you to share files and folders, and assign permissions for recipients to see, edit, or comment. You can easily share a file by sending an invitation through email or copying a sharable link.


To sync documents, Google uploads and downloads the entire file. Therefore, it can result in some delays, especially if you are trying to access the file from another device.


Dropbox has been around since 2007. You can use the website or app to access all Dropbox features.

Plans and Pricing

When deciding between Google Drive Vs. Dropbox, it is important to note that Dropbox only gives users 2 GB of free storage. Therefore, it limits your options if you are trying to test the service for a while before upgrading.

However, if you do like the platform, you can get 2TB for $9.99 per month for one user, or 2TB for $16.99 for up to 6 users.


Dropbox also offers two-factor authentication. In addition, it uses a very powerful, 256-bit encryption for your files.

File Sharing

Just like with Google, you can easily share Dropbox files by granting permission or sharing a link. However, Dropbox allows you to add more security to your files and folders by letting you set a password.


Dropbox syncs files much faster, by doing it in blocks. This is one of the best Dropbox features because it lets you have faster access to all the changes made within your files.

Google Drive Vs. Dropbox

In the Google Drive Vs. Dropbox battle, there isn’t really a clear winner. Both platforms are fantastic to store and share your files.

If you are more concerned about security and syncing, you should consider Dropbox. However, if you care more about pricing and free storage, go for Google Drive.

Hopefully, this Dropbox vs. Google Drive showdown made it easier to pick between the two. If it did, make sure to check out our blog for more tips and tricks.