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The process of moving can be an exciting experience but also overwhelming. Now imagine having to add the stress of hiring unprofessional and unreliable removalists to the situation, the experience would become a nightmare. Finding a removalist that accomplishes his job is key to safeguard your belongings and having a pleasing moving experience. If you are still unsure about whether or not to hire a removalist keep reading to find the top reasons to hire a professional moving company.

Qualified Professionals

Many people want to cut costs on the moving process and decide to ask family members and friends to help with the moving job but you will probably face many problems. Your loved ones will unlikely have experience dealing with moving, how to take care of your belongings, and the necessary equipment to perform the moving safely and efficiently. You also need to add the cost of materials such as hiring a man with a van or appropriate vehicle if neither you nor your friends have one, buying boxes and packages and in the end, you will find out that the cost of moving in yourself is not cheaper than paying a removals company.

You also need to consider the risk of damage and the safety of your and the ones helping with the process. Is it worth it? We don’t think so. Heavy lifting can cause back strain and other health problems, professional removalists will deal with all the heavy lifting for you.


A qualified removals company only have employees that has gone through rigorous training and meet the highest requirements to provide an excellent service. Those professionals have been doing moving processes for a long time and know exactly what to do, how to do it, and the science of correct packaging which is the most important aspect of every moving process. Incorrect packaging is one of the common mistakes of inexperienced removalists and can lead to breakage and damage to goods which will cost you time and money. In case any problem happens, they will know what to do since they have probably encountered the issue before.

They will pack, transport, and unpack your belongings in the most efficient way possible and will know how to handle the most fragile ones to ensure everything stays in perfect condition.

Save Time

Moving by yourself means that you need to take some time off work to buy the necessary materials, organize everything, package your belongings, and transport them. This can be a challenging and exhausting job. Hiring professional removalists Sydney will help you to avoid the stress of carefully planning the moving and paying attention to every detail. They take care of the entire process for you and some companies offer different packages according to your preferences, for example, you can ask them to clean your old or new house and the yard before or after moving, and some offer pet relocation services if you have a furry friend to help ease the stress. Companies will handle the professional inventory process which is commonly a daunting task and will save you time because you won’t have to spend hours tracking each individual box or item to your house.

You can also save time by ensuring that all of the household services are informed of the move. The Australian Energy Regulator (AER, 2006) advises giving at least 3 days notice in order for the process to run smoothly.

Fast Moving Process

Doing the moving process can take you a lot of time but when you hire a removal company they will be able to give you a date or time that you can expect the belonging to arrive to your new house. They can package, transport, and unpackage everything faster than you can. They will make the complicated things such as squeezing your couch through the staircase look simple. Packing all the items in your household can take several so why not take a step back and let the professionals do it faster for you?


Not many companies offer insurance options for their employees and your belongings. This will make sure your possessions are covered and protected in case anything gets damaged or broken during the moving. The insurance will give you peace of mind that if anything goes wrong you are financially protected from what could be much higher costs to replace or repair the belongings.

There are many risks associated with the removal, transportation, storage, and relocation of goods. When moving heavy and complex items the damage could go beyond damage to the item to injury of the client, the property, or to a third party property such as the neighbors. Qualified removal companies will offer you different insurance policies that can cover personal accidents, the commercial vehicle, damage to the goods, etc.


Do you need to leave your home but the new one is not ready to be occupied yet? Then you should hire a removals and storage company, they provide cost-effective options for you to store your goods and they can be customizable to your requirements, the companies will only charge you for the space your goods occupy within the container and not for the entire container. The container is stored in a safe secure facility to ensure nobody can force the lock to break in. It will make you feel confident that your belongings are safe while your new home is getting ready.

Final Thoughts

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS, 2011) over 40% of people ages 15 and over were recent movers. This moving process can be frustrating if you decide to take care of it by yourself you will face many problems regarding the organization and planning of the moving, obtaining the necessary materials and finding help from friends and family to help you packaging, transporting, and relocating your belongings. There is no doubt that it can put a lot of physical and emotional stress on you so why do it by yourself when you can hire a professional removalist to do the hard work for you?

They have the correct training and skills to take care of your possessions including the heavy or complex items and fragile ones. You will have peace of mind and enjoy your moving process knowing that professionals will handle everything for you. They will treat your property like it is their own.


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