DotA 2, a widely popular game, released back in 2013 as a sequel of DotA (Defence Of The Ancients) is known to have a huge player base across the world. The game basically revolves around two teams, each consisting of more or less than 5 members who are referred to as ‘Heroes’. Although the game is free to buy and use access to certain tools has a price. The sequel has several added features which were not present previously. No wonder gamers end up spending hours playing action-filled matches. The game is so engaging that one simply doesn’t want to let go of it. Boosting MMR is yet another reason binge gamers don’t want to quit the game.

Are you a newbie and wondering what is MMR? Well, thanks to Valve Corporation for coming up with this unique and comprehensive way of ranking the players throughout the game. MMR is short for Match Making Rating. After every match, MMR is assigned to players on the basis of win, loss, and performance in the game. If one’s winning, the MMR would obviously increase but when one is losing, the MMR though, is likely to decrease but one’s performance has got an important role to play. Even if on the losing side when one is likely to lose MMR, there can be a strange increase instead based on the player’s remarkable performance throughout the game.

The reason why gamers go crazy about increased MMR is the level upgradation it helps with. MMR required to advance to each increasing level is different. Also, it is worth noticing that the range of MMR for each rank decreases as the rank increases.

The ranking goes as, starting from the highest:

  • Immortal
  • Divine
  • Ancient
  • Legend
  • Archon
  • Crusader
  • Guardian
  • Herald

The problem is that increasing MMR is not as easy as it sounds unless games are played smartly rather just casually–there is a difference between the two. Are you wondering that what could be the different tactics to help one increase MMR and ultimately the ranking?

Different Strategies To Boost Your Dota Ranking.

Know What is Right for You Considering the Bracket You are In

Well, this seems an obvious one but many fail because of this. Accepting the bracket you are in and considering what’s suitable for you according to that is all you need to do as your first step. Choose heroes accordingly, you can not choose just any hero for every gameplay.

Analyze the Opponent Team

The weaknesses of your opponents can be your ultimate weapon for defeating them all. Look for what heroes they are choosing, which hero then you should be selecting that could be the best fit for your enemy.

Be the Hero You are the Best At

Among the shortlisted characters who are suitable according to your situation, play the hero you are best at. Some players opt for choosing their best hero for every game but that idea is highly discouraged because it just doesn’t work for everyone.

Watch Gameplays

Watch your own gameplays to identify where you went wrong, what could possibly be done so that you wouldn’t lose. You would then be careful the next time a similar situation arrives.

Watch gameplays of professional players as well. Note their tips and tricks, the tactics that could help you to turn the tables and draw yourself all the points.

Focus More on Improving Your Skills

First things first, improve your gaming skills. The better you will be at gaming, the more MMR you will have. Practice, practice, and only practice! Keep playing the games, apply different tactics you learn, focus more on enjoying the game, and giving your best rather than locking your eyes to MMR display only.

When You are a Team, Act Like One

A team with zero coordination and support for one another is likely to fail and get kicked out of the picture. When you are a part of a team make sure you have all the skills that you need to be a team player. Impatience and anger can be your deadly enemies and would make you lose it all. Focus on your game and act calm, no second thoughts other than the game better have occupied your mind during the match.

Timing and Positioning

If you have your timing and positioning right, believe us you are halfway there. Keep moving in the game from one lane to another. Keep your brain all active, the faster it would work the faster your game would be. Right tactics should pop up in the right span of time in your mind to help you get called a pro gamer.

Do Not Take the Defeats to Heart

There comes a point in a game when one knows what the results are likely to be. If you are on the losing side, do not overthink about it and take it as a game. As the old saying goes Winning and losing is a part of the game so take it easy. Continue playing rather than quitting, it in fact is the best time to do experimentation. Yes, you read that right, ‘experimentation’. You can always test new tactics, try different options and use different tools. If those work, might benefit you as well but even if don’t, no worries as you already would have got nothing to lose.

Opt for Boosting Services

Dota 2 boosting services are one of the simplest and the most straightforward ways of boosting your Dota ranking. Here, a third party is involved in assisting with booming the MMR. Those are usually the professionals and referred to as Boosters. This is particularly advantageous when one gets stuck among players of comparatively really higher MMR and there seems no escape. To help such a player get out of such a situation and enjoy the game to its fullest making use of all the tools, DotA 2 Boosting comes to the rescue

The gamers are all crazy about MMR when it comes to DotA 2. Increased MMR helps with increased ranking, and increased ranking helps with an increased reputation in the gamers’ community. The above are listed few strategies that could possibly help you increase your Match Making Rating.