tpsdave (CC0), Pixabay

Hello Valvetime community!

I made a site that makes it easier for people to find Steam users to play with: If you have trouble finding new Steam friends due to life commitments, your current friends moving on from gaming, you’re new to Steam, or you just simply want to find someone, I think this site might help you find some. Steam Friends was made with one idea in mind: reduce the randomness of playing with strangers and find peers who are similar to you.

I thought about adding a few more features, but before that, I would like the community’s feedback on the site’s interface/usability. If you like this idea, feel free to log in, set up a profile, and let others know about this site. Updates will be posted either on Valvetime or the site’s steam group: Thanks for checking out Steam Friends, and a happy holiday! I’ll answer any questions you may have in this thread.

Finding a user on Steam Friends goes something like this:

* sign in through Steam
* as a first time user, you’ll be prompted to fill in some information that makes up your profile
* search for a game by entering its name in the input
* click on the result that you want
* you’ll be shown a list of users that play this game.

At that point you can:

* filter your results by country / language / dedication level / gender / age / voice communications type
* view a user’s profile
* add the user on your Steam account through the site
* privately message the user
* leave comments on the user’s profile page
* add users to your “Friends” list”, so you can organize your contacts

Some other features:

* a notifications page that tells you whether someone sent you a friend request or left a comment on your profile page
* a message inbox
* a settings page where you can change your profile and tweak site preferences
* a display that tells you about the user’s online status and/or the game currently being played

About me: I’m a 28-year-old web developer from Canada who is currently self-employed. I didn’t like working in an office of a warehouse so I found my passion for programming. This is one of two major projects I’ve competed in for 1.5 years since I started making websites. As a guy with very few friends, I thought it’d be great to fill the void for people like me.