You May Be Shocked to Learn Where Most Car Accidents Happen in Charlotte, NC 

If you come across this page looking for a Charlotte car accident attorney, chances are you have been involved in a car accident as a pedestrian or were a motorist in a motor vehicle accident. It’s always a good idea to get a professional to help you make the proper assessment of where liability or the opportunity for compensation lies. The “Queen City” is an extremely popular place to live. With an influx of new residents every day, our streets and highways have become busier and busier. However, busy streets don’t always equal dangerous streets. There are many factors that are involved with making a roadway dangerous, such as:

  • Upkeep of the road
  • Whether or not appropriate safety signs and warnings are used
  • Appropriate structure of the road
  • Speed limit of the road
  • How all of these factors interact with the traffic on the road

In 2017, The Charlotte Observer ran a story on the 10 worst intersections in Charlotte, NC. The local department of transportation determines that the worst roadways are the roadways where you are most likely to have a crash. The equation used by the city incorporates the number of crashes per million cars over the previous three years. The 10 worst stretches of road in Charlotte, NC in descending order include:

  • Mineral Springs Rd., N. Graham St. and W. Sugar Creek Road
  • South Church and W. Hill St.and West John Belk
  • Mineral Springs and Neal Roads
  • Brown–Grier, Sandy Porter and West Arrowwood Roads
  • East Sugar Creek Rd., N. Tryon Rd., St. and W. Sugar Creek Road
  • North Irwin Ave. and W. 5th St.
  • The intersection of Lawning, Miranda, Oakdale, and Sunset Roads
  • E. 9th St. and N. College St.
  • E. 12th St. and N. Davidson St.

The worst intersection in Charlotte, North Carolina is the shocker… Reagan Drive and Tom Hunter Road. The report indicates that over the previous three years there have been 36 car accidents there.

Charlotte’s Ranking in Terms of Safety

Secret Charlotte, a resource for interesting facts and current events in the city, asserts that Charlotte, North Carolina is ranked the most dangerous city in terms of highway fatalities along the major roadway, Interstate 85. This over 600-mile interstate runs from Petersburg, Virginia all the way to Montgomery, Alabama. The information also states that I-85 is ranked number 10 among the most dangerous highways in the nation.

According to Fox, Interstate 85 in Charlotte, North Carolina has .613 deaths per mile of highway. The factors involved in these accidents include accidents with trees, accidents with pedestrians and accidents involving other cars.

Have You Been Involved in A Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)?

If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident in Charlotte, NC it’s important to speak with an attorney right away. No matter what happened, you’ve lost something.  Whenever you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident – loss occurs. Whether it is lost wages from missed work or some type of physical impairment – there will be the need for compensation. This is why it’s so important to have a professional evaluate the situation. A reputable and distinguished Charlotte car accident attorney will sit down with you and decide how your particular circumstances can be rectified.

Here are just a few imminent factors that a Charlotte car accident attorney can help you with:

  • Making a proper estimate of your financial losses in the particular circumstances of your motor vehicle accident to ascertain what a fair monetary amount would be.
  • Be certain that you receive the right medical treatment. Make certain that all of the injuries that you’ve incurred are properly recorded and all medical bills are documented.
  • Review the accident scene and obtain evidence such as photographs and video tape from traffic cameras that may have been on the scene. Your attorney or their staff will speak with the police and obtain medical documents to illustrate who was at fault in the motor vehicle accident.
  • Speak with witnesses, medical first responders who may have been on the scene as well as police officers who may have been on the scene to gather their input into what occurred during your motor vehicle accident.
  • Exercise efficiency and proficiency as regards the necessary paperwork and filing of that paperwork to be in accord with court-mandated requirements and deadlines as well as state-mandated requirements and deadlines.
  • Acquiring expert witnesses to deliver expert testimony to reconstruct the accident scene appropriately. Making certain the experts are qualified to testify and illustrate who is the at-fault party as well as what occurred at the scene.
  • Acquiring expert testimony to discuss the totality of your physical injuries as well as the emotional toll of the accident on you and your family. These experts will also assess and testify as to the future care you may need as a result of the car accident.
  • Maintaining professional and efficient contact with the insurance companies and their representation to make certain you receive a fair settlement as a result of the motor vehicle accident you were involved in.
  • Compiling the elements of your case and presenting it effectively to a jury if need be.

Why It Is So Important to Speak with An Attorney If You’ve Been Involved In An MVA 

Speaking with a Charlotte car accident attorney at the law firm of Sumwalt Anderson will help you gain proper compensation for the loss you have incurred. A professional attorney can dissect your motor vehicle accident appropriately in order to have you understand each element involved. They will take the time to understand all of the determining factors to successfully represent you and ensure you will be fully recompensed. A satisfactory settlement includes funds for:

  • Economic damages – These include your lost wages and future wages, if necessary.  Medical bills –  present and future, as well as property damage and other losses which have a monetary value.
  • Non-economic damages – These damages include how the accident has impacted your personal relationships, permanent physical injury, pain and suffering, scarring, emotional anguish and anxiety caused by the accident.

There also may be the rare situation where you are allowed funds for punitive damages. These damages are for especially horrendous actions taken by the other driver. It is rarely given but the most common situation that punitive damages may be awarded in is if the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol.

Learn more about how the Sumwalt Anderson Law Firm by visiting their website. The sooner you start your journey towards healing from your motor vehicle accident the better.