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With the increase in MMA fans worldwide, popular video games have risen to the challenge. The production of MMA games has increased in recent times. At the moment, most of these games have improved graphics that make them as good as any other game from other categories.

Since the MMA cage is not a place for kids, these MMA games can be played by kids too. In summary, it offers the fans an opportunity to feel what the actual MMA feels like.

Although many MMA fans only pay attention to the UFC undisputed series and the EA 2010 release of the game. However, there are other MMA games for PC. The article will introduce readers to five top MMA games.

UFC: Throwdown

Most MMA fans consider this MMA fighting game as one of the worst one’s ever released. Their distaste for the game has to do with the fact the game was not an improvement from the previous version. Hence, most of the fans were disappointed that the game was a bit of a setback.

But there is one positive from the game – the career mode. This mode is impressive because you can create a fighter to be built around kickboxing. Then, you can progress through the ranks and become the new BJJ ultimate fighter.

In addition, once you are done customizing your Avatar, you can test your abilities by defeating challenges. Also, when you complete a challenge, the Avatar will earn a new skill move. The game is fun if you enjoy MMA in arcade mode.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (Dreamcast)

Here is another example of many UFC games you will see on this list. This game was the first released version of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The game makers built it with the famous UFC tagline, ” as real as it gets,” on their minds. After playing the game, I can say there were close to achieving their aim.

First appeared in 2000, Ultimate Fighting Championship features graphics that are ahead of its time. Each fighting character is detailed, and the entrances are an improvement from the WWE games released simultaneously. In addition, the game has an impressive soundtrack, including hard metal made the game more interesting.

Muay Thai boxer kick opponent

Additionally, the original UFC format where you must defeat three opponents to be a UFC champion was included. Also, the game has two of the most rapid-growing modes in video game history at the time of its release.

You will have a lot of fun playing this game even though it is old because of the many options.

Pride Grand Prix 2003

This is one of the fans of the game highly anticipated because of the success of its predecessor – Pride FC. But after playing the game, many people were a tad disappointed. However, the graphics were impressive. Although some of the game characters were generic, some were spot on.

One aspect of the game where the manufacturers let the fans down was gameplay and animation. Although the gameplay is still fun like its predecessor, Pride grand Prix didn’t improve the standard set by the previous game in the series.

However, you can still check out the game if you are a pride fan.

UFC: Tapout (Xbox)

One of the best MMA games you can find on the Xbox. It is the best non- undisputed UFC video game released. One stand-out thing about this game is the inclusion of women MMA fighters. In addition, the gameplay was breathtaking.

When you pick up the game controller, it is best to clear your schedule because it is difficult to stop playing when you start. Several UFC games can be described as button-mashing games, but that is not the case with this one.

The fight mode is amazing. You have to watch your punches and kicks carefully because you will have lower stamina if you throw them without caution. Therefore, your opponent will easily defeat you. During gameplay, you will see that each fighter’s Avatar looks impressive. Fighting graphics are not bad either.

However, the camera angles are sometimes difficult to work with, especially if you play it for the first time. The game comes with four modes – arcade, UFC, tournament, and exhibition. In addition, the create-a-fighter part is not bad. However, it is generic.

You can add different descriptions to your fighter, including a combination of fighting styles and personalities. For example, there are options like cat-like reflexes, incredible striker. Although UFC: Tapout is not as good as today’s, it was an amazing game at its release.

Still, you will enjoy playing the game today if you play it.

EA MMA (PS3 and Xbox 360)

EA Sports is a household name when it comes to making games. They have made all kinds of games. Hence, when they released their MMA video game, the expectations were high, and they didn’t disappoint. EA brought a different feel from the UFC’s undisputed series.

The game is similar to the main boxing game “Fight Night,” which most fans wanted. It was amazing. Striking in EA MMA looked more realistic than it ever did in UFC undisputed. However, UFC undisputed had the advantage when it came to the ground game.

The only significant downside to the EA MMA was the absence of big names. In summary, EA MMA brings a different experience than UFC undisputed. If you have always played UFC, you should check out the EA form of the MMA games.

In summary, MMA games are outstanding right now. These games highlighted here are amazing to play. We hope you have learned about the top MMA game for kids and adults. You can view a list of the best MMA betting sites if you enjoy watching the MMA and placing bets on the actual players.