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Safety First, Fun Second

You love the outdoors and feeling the air whip through your hair, (or at least the part of your hair that is not covered by your helmet!). That’s a sly way of saying that you should always ride safely on your motorcycle. One of the ways of doing that is covering your head and your locks with a Department of Transportation or DOT-approved helmet. Unfortunately, however, no matter how safe you are, accidents occur.

Who Is at Fault Most Often – The Motorcyclist or The Motorist?

There is not much research done on this specific issue. Back in 2013, a study was done at the University of South Florida. Staffers at their Urban Transportation Research Center office found that 60% of the time when motorcycles are involved in a collision with a motor vehicle, the person driving the car was at fault.

Driving A Motorcycle Is a Serious Business

Though the safety-related issues involving motorcycles are sobering, it’s important to know what you’re getting into before you jump on that Harley Davidson or other manufacturer make.

There are a multitude of online chats and groups that provide information and commentary regarding motorcycle safety. Most information you will find supports the fact that the most dangerous situation wherein you can collide with a motorist is going straight while the motorist is making a left turn. This situation accounts for almost half of all car and motorcycle collisions. More motorcycle accidents have been reported without a car being involved at all. In short, whether you are the only one on the road or you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, it is imperative that motorcyclists take the time to learn how to be safe before they venture out.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the Government Accounting Office or GAO reports that motorcycle crashes had a price tag of $16 billion for the year 2010. These costs run the gamut, stretching from emergency services all the way to the fees to retain a defense attorney. It is a lot of wasted money for something that could be easily prevented.

Is Houston A Trouble Spot for Motorcyclists?

Houston has the most reported motorcycle accidents in the state of Texas. That may be because it is the largest city in Texas. In fact, Houston is the fourth largest city in the entire nation. It falls behind New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. These statistics are from July 2018. According to Houston Texas.gov, Houston will become the third most populous US city once we reach the second half of the 2020’s. More people, more roads, more chances for accidents to occur.

Another factor in determining Houston motorcycle safety is the fact that there are many roads in Houston which tout 75 mph speed limits. Excessive speed is a huge contributing factor to the number of motorcycle accidents that occur in Houston, Texas. According to Value Penguin, a resource sponsored by Lending Tree, Interstate 10 in Texas is the fifth most dangerous highway in the United States. This highway runs east to west and connects the cities of El Paso, San Antonio, and Houston, Texas.

What Can You Do to Be as Safe as Possible on a Motorcycle?

Because the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA reports that 80% of all reported motorcycle collisions result in either serious injury or death, it is important to always put safety first. In addition to good common sense, take a look at the following safety tips:

Take a driver’s safety course – motorcycles work very differently from bicycles and from motor vehicles. There are various motorcycle schools to help with this task. Your life is worth the investment of time and effort to be educated on how to ride safely. Taking a driver’s course is a very smart idea.

Never drink and operate a motorcycle – staying sober ensures that your reaction time is clear when operating your motorcycle. The casual feeling involved with motorcycle riding lends itself to drinking and driving. Don’t fall into this trap.

Slow down and observe the speed limit – reports indicate that excessive speed is involved in more than 1/3 of fatal motorcycle accidents.

Be aware, roadways are impacted by inclement weather – If you have to drive your motorcycle in bad weather, educate yourself on the best practices and be prepared for sudden changes.

Be extra cautious at intersections – The lion’s share of car crashes occur here, so be extra vigilant when the roads intersect.

Always wear a full-faced helmet at all times – make certain the helmet is approved by the Department of Transportation. This will reduce the probability of you suffering head trauma by 50%.

Dress in proper riding attire – Make certain that you are visible to the motorists that you share the road with. Wearing appropriate layers and thick appropriate clothing will help if a collision occurs. All of your gear should reach optimum safety levels. Eyewear, footwear and every inch of your body should be protected. Remember you are not in a car so your body will probably make contact with the road if an accident occurs.

What To Do If You or A Loved One Is Involved in A Motorcycle Accident

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