One of my all-time favorite game series is Call of Duty. I have hundreds of fond memories of coming home from school, booting up Modern Warfare on my Xbox 360, and spending hours gaming with my closest friends. As you might have guessed, the original Modern Warfare was my first Call of Duty love. And my passion for the series has never dimmed since.

So you can imagine how hyped I was when we got the first Modern Warfare 2. And then how excited I was when they announced they were remastering the original Modern Warfare. And then they announced they were making a new Modern Warfare reboot. By this point, I was a bit confused by the naming of these games. And that confusion was further compounded when they announced a new Modern Warfare 2.

The New Modern Warfare 2

It is important to note that the new Modern Warfare 2, released in October of 2022, is not a remake of the original Modern Warfare 2 for the Xbox One. Instead, it is a reboot similar to the Modern Warfare 1 reboot.

But a lot of people have been asking an important question: What makes this Modern Warfare 2 different from the original?

Technical Improvements

The most obvious difference between the two games is the huge technological advancements that have been made in gaming over the years. The graphics are the most noticeable difference between the two games. The gunplay is also a lot smoother, with improved frame rates and input reaction time.

The game is also a lot better at handling cheats and mods than its predecessor. Many people use cheats for practice on private servers. Cheats like aimbots are particularly useful for this, but this cheat for mw2 used to lag the game a lot. But the new rebooted Modern Warfare 2 can handle the cheat with ease.

The Campaign

Another huge difference between the two games is the campaign. While this game is a reboot of Modern Warfare 2, it does not share the same campaign as the original. But the campaign continues the story that players saw in the Modern Warfare reboot in 2019.

The campaign for Modern Warfare 2 has been praised as being a vast improvement over the campaign of the first game. It features a slew of creative new gameplay ideas paired with a tense story that keeps players guessing throughout.

The Guns

One of the main reasons people turn to Call of Duty games is their huge selection of weapons and attachments. In the FPS genre, COD games have often been unmatched in their customization and range of choice.  And as the years have progressed, Activision has only improved on this.

The new Modern Warfare 2 features many of the weapons that were present in the original. But it also features a lot of new weapons as well. The only downside is that many weapons are now locked behind the battle pass. And this leads us to one of the biggest differences between the two games.

The Battle Pass

Battle passes are the hot thing in gaming right now. A battle pass is a level-based unlockable path that is based upon the player’s level. They were created as a way for free-to-play games to earn still money, which is a fantastic idea.

But someone clearly didn’t tell Activision that battle passes were meant to only be for free games. Because now your expensive Call of Duty game comes with a lot of content locked behind a battle pass. The original Modern Warfare 2 didn’t feature any of this nonsense. Which, in our eyes, makes it the far superior title.