man playing slot machine game

Have you seen some friends playing slots and want to see what the fuss is about? Maybe you’ve watched a film based in Vegas, and now you’re ready to have a go at playing slot games and see what they are like online.

In this guide, we’re going through some of the basic info you should really take on board before you make a choice to play slot games online.

Slots Are Down to Chance

It’s important to know that you can’t influence slot games with any sort of skill; it will come down to the luck of the draw when you are playing an online slot game. This is different from some of the other games you can play in Vegas or in online casinos. For example, if you are playing blackjack or poker, there is a lot more of a chance for you to influence things and to understand the odds of winning or the body language of an opponent.

Slots, however, don’t have the same chance to make an influence. They might have some mini-games or opportunities to choose whether to gamble or take your winnings, though, and there are some other ways in which strategy can play a part.

There Are Some Clever Ways to Play

Having said it is a game of chance. It also makes sense to explore how to win on slots, as there are methods you can use to maximize the money you are playing with.

There are plenty of bonuses out there, and it is all about choosing ways to be smart with your money and take advantage of any methods that may boost the odds in your favor, such as bonuses that can match your deposit and add to the money you have to play with. Each spin won’t be any more likely to win, but if you have double the number of spins, then it stands to reason you have a better chance overall.

Take Advantage of Bonuses

Time to take advantage of the fact that so many different slot providers want you to gamble with them. There are so many different gambling companies that will give you some form of bonus, in the way of free spins and matched deposits, as well as deposit bonuses.

More commonly now, there are a lot of different sites offering loyalty bonuses, too, providing you with free spins once in a while to entice you back or reward you for keeping playing, a bit like the free drinks you’ll get when you are playing at the casino. 

Most Games Let You Play Free to Test

A lot of games have some confusing elements. The world of slots has changed, and there are brand new slot games released virtually every single day. 

With a lot of mini-games and new ways to play, as well as “megaways” providing more potential winning lines, there are lots of gambling companies that offer you the chance to try out a game for free before you decide whether or not the game is worthy of your money!

Of course, you won’t win anything from the free games, but it is a way to get used to all of the ways to win, the megaways, and the free mini-games. This means when you come to play the game for real, you shouldn’t make any bad decisions by gambling when you don’t mean to, for instance.

Different Slots Pay Out Differently

The RTP value is a crucial thing to understand before you start playing slot games. RTP is effectively the percentage of the money that is returned to the gamblers as a prize fund. So, if it is 95%, that means that 95% of all the money staked is returned as winnings. 

Some slots also have much bigger progressive bonuses, and these might only pay out once every six months or so, or even more infrequently. The chances of winning then become slimmer, but if you do win, the prize could be bigger. It’s about choosing your level of risk and what sort of returns you are expecting to get from playing online slot games.