If you were wondering how to make money on YouTube or build a business with YouTube, then you are probably interested in creative activity, and you want to derive income from it.

The good news is that YouTube literally gives such an opportunity to everyone who wants and does it – it even really doesn’t matter what your field of interest is; you may start your channel about child toys or make overviews on USA online slots.

Sources of Income from YouTube

Google YouTube Monetization

This way of earning is based on the fact that a picture of an advertisement from the Google advertising service is shown over or next to your video, or an advertising video is shown over your video at the beginning or middle of the video.

If the viewer somehow interacts with the ad (for example, watching a video or clicking on the image of the ad), you, as the content author, receive income from such interaction. Accordingly, the more views you have, the more money you earn.

Integrations Within Your Video

If your videos are consistently gaining views, they will sooner or later attract the interest of potential advertisers. In this case, when creating your video – you will record an ad and insert it into your video.

Also, usually in the description, you should put a link to the advertiser’s website. The advantage is that you can use both ads from YouTube itself and the ads that you added yourself to the video. It turns out to be double income.

Sale of Related Products or Services

Given the theme of your YouTube channel (for example, slots reviews), you can add advertisements for your service or products (for example, souvenir items, stickers, maybe even slot machines, etc. – the list can be very long).

As a result, this format can lead to the fact that you will have your own online store, which receives constant traffic from your YouTube channel. From now on, you build a business with YouTube and develop as an author, gain independence and income. In general, at least a triple benefit!

Where to Start If There Is Nothing?

  • First of all, you need to create and register your channel on YouTube (it’s free). It’s enough to have a Gmail account.
  • Next, decide on the subject of the channel, its name, description, and design.
  • Next, you proceed to the main stage – creating a video.
  • After the video has been created, filmed, and edited, it must be uploaded to the channel – give a name, description, and be sure to add a catchy picture to the video. Post a video.
  • From this stage, you can call yourself a blogger and fully develop and advertise your channel (the more viewers, likes, subscriptions, the better for you).

In general, the most difficult thing is over. You just have to include maximum creativity and hard work in yourself. YouTube will give you the opportunity to become a successful blogger.

How to Make Your Channel Profitable?

Niche Money

First of all, choose your niche and remember that often the solvency of the audience is more important than its size. Children’s cartoon channels have tens of millions of subscribers, but an advertiser will most likely go to an investment channel with 10,000 subscribers.

The situation is the same with contextual advertising: the more solvent the viewers, the more the channel owner will be paid for an impression or click.

Niches with expensive advertising:

  • real estate;
  • finance;
  • cars;
  • travels.

Niches with cheap advertising:

Video Quality

To attract viewers to the channel, it is not necessary to have a professional camera and an expensive microphone. Modern smartphones shoot quite high quality; they can also adequately process video.

The main thing is to make sure that the video does not have a technical defect: sound distortion, echo, out of focus image. Some may say that sound quality is even more important than image quality: many people put the video in the background and don’t really look at the screen.

If you know what you’re talking about, communicate with your audience, and come up with interesting formats, this will give you a greater advantage than lighting or editing.

Some formats do not require a camera or expensive equipment at all. For instance, you may use frames from trailers, pictures from the public domain, and memes as a video sequence.

Selection of SEO Keys

SEO keywords are queries by which viewers most often search for videos. For example, you can name your video “History of an ancient order from Star Wars,” but most likely, viewers will simply search for “History of the Jedi”.

On YouTube, keys are called tags. In order for your video to appear in the search and recommendations, you need to correctly select tags when you upload the file to YouTube. If you’re posting a walkthrough of a game, tag the title in multiple languages, the genre of the game, and the year it was released.

But unfortunately, even experienced bloggers say that a competent selection of tags does not guarantee success. Sometimes videos for which they did not put tags at all became popular. Others cannot be found through a search, even by name.

YouTube’s algorithms are unpredictable and constantly changing, but still, it’s better to spend 10 minutes analyzing SEO keys than writing tags from nothing or not writing them at all.

Frequency of Channel Updates

The regularity of the release of new videos depends on the workload of the author and the quality of the content. A video with winning moments from the game can be made in a day, and a blog from a trip will have to be edited for a week.

According to general observations, the regularity of the release greatly affects the views. For example, if you release videos every day and then take a break for a week, the views will most likely drop and recover to their previous values for several months.

Fulfill the Requirements of YouTube

The next step is a more practical one. In order for YouTube to start paying you money for advertising that is shown in the video, you need for the channel to meet the conditions of the YouTube affiliate program – you must have 1000 subscribers and 4 thousand hours of video viewing (about 100 thousand views in total, depending on the length of the video).

After checking your channel, you will be connected to the program, and you will begin to receive, albeit small, but income. Usually, it takes from 2 months to a year (it all depends on the content).


Integrations and related products can be added even from the first video. But remember that you need views for advertisers to want to order ads from you (usually, you need to get at least 20k subscribers and 10k video views to consistently sell ads).


YouTube is open to every creator, and in 2022, the demand for content is higher than ever before. People love to watch YouTube and will continue to watch it. But it should be understood that viewers are becoming more sophisticated and demanding on the quality of content.

This does not have to be a Hollywood picture, not at all; the video can easily be filmed on the phone. The main thing is the information content of the content and its usefulness (you must answer questions and meet the needs of the viewer), and then YouTube will promote you without advertising. This is how algorithms work.