Sports betting has always promised thrills and attractive opportunities to win. For some years now there has been even more choice on trusted non Gamstop casinos because more and more esports bets are being offered. These electronic gaming bets, like esports itself, are experiencing an unprecedented rise that is far from over.

Major video game tournaments have been around for four decades, but it is only in the last few years that professional gaming has seen a boom in esports. This was made easier by better framework conditions such as faster internet speeds and advances in game development.

Nowadays, professional esports can be found in virtually all video game genres, with role-playing, action games, and sports games being particularly well covered. Esports has become a billion-dollar industry and has long since ceased to be a niche market. With business this big, it’s no surprise that betting on esports matches is also growing in popularity. The vast majority of online casinos in UK offer a wide range of esports that you can bet on. Keep reading to find out all of the needed information.

Esports Betting History

The first cases of eSports betting were recorded with CS: GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). These bets were made through skin gambling or skin betting. In 2013, an updated version of CS: GO for PC received cosmetic changes, also known as skins, and they changed the way players approach the game itself.

E-sports betting was typically illegal in the main market, and skin betting offered virtual currency rights, which later opened an underground black market for betting. Of course, illegal betting was not regulated and controlled, and this resulted in contractual games. Luckily, all of this has changed for the better. You can now bet on your favorite games. All you have to do is:

Find the Right Bookie

Esports bets are available online at bookmakers and in an unlicensed casino from the UK. Either it is a site that only offers betting or a gambling portal with betting and casino games in one.

Some sites specialize in esports, while other bookmakers are only a small part of the offer. If you already play on a site that offers esports and feels comfortable you should stay there. Otherwise, finding a specialist bookmaker may be worthwhile.

Understand the Odds

Betting on esports is also so popular because this type of bet is so new. Many bookmakers do not yet have much experience with esports – in contrast to football bets, which have been part of the main program of betting portals for decades. Because the providers are still looking for the best formulas for calculating the odds, you as an expert can enjoy a great advantage. Every now and then there are very attractive esport odds.

Choose the Most Suitable Game

You don’t have to be an expert to be successful in esports betting. On the other hand, you shouldn’t be guessing and at least know the basics of the match you want to bet on. The more you know about a particular esports game, the better.

With inside knowledge, you can beat the bookmakers. Knowing the game makes betting on it more fun and winnings even more satisfying. You can of course play the game yourself to get a feel for it. It can also be worthwhile to watch videos on YouTube or Twitch or read in relevant forums.

Develop a Strategy

Ultimately, the same basic rules apply to esports betting as to successful sports betting:

  • Do bankroll management and set your budget precisely.
  • Do not place excessive amounts on a single bet, however tempting it may seem.
  • Try to bet without bias and be as objective as possible with your chances of winning.
  • Do not bet aimlessly on the first match that comes your way, but choose your bets carefully.
  • It’s best to stick with a game and get expert status at it.
  • Smaller esports tournaments can also be worthwhile because the bookmakers’ house advantage is even lower there.
  • Research the team’s intended gameplay for each match and keep an eye out for worthwhile event bets.

Stay Tuned

In contrast to traditional sports betting, you have to pay attention to one special feature with esports betting: The teams change regularly. New players are constantly joining the team, who in turn bring their own strengths and weaknesses with them. Depending on the match, other members can be used. It is therefore very important that you regularly follow the general news about the games as well as the individual teams and tournaments.

Summing Up

Online bookmakers have recognized how lucrative esports betting can be. They take advantage of the latest esports tournaments to attract large numbers of players from different parts of the world. Today’s popular betting websites offer odds on a wide variety of esports games and offer betting enthusiasts a variety of options that can make them even more exciting and exciting.

This prompted people who would never have visited a real bookmaker to place their first bet. Not only could they bet on a non-sports event (which many esports fans might not care about), but they could do it without leaving home or even on the go and having a mobile device in their hands.

It is clear that electronic sports have changed the gambling industry, and this has given rise to many other innovations in recent years. Online opportunities have attracted a new generation of young gamers ready to make money from their interests. An entire generation of gamblers like to bet on the sports they love (including virtual ones) and they are likely to keep betting in the future too.