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A little while ago, the Metaverse was a sci-fi concept that people could meet only in books and movies. Nowadays, companies from various industries use 3D modeling services for business purposes. At the same time, there’s a common misconception in the commercial world that metaverse-related projects are necessarily costly and take full-cycle metaverse development from scratch.

In fact, your company can enter the Metaverse with projects requiring mostly 3D modeling. Even though you are still planning to join this market with a complex metaverse, you would also be interested in different 3D modeling types and the way to cover content creation with fewer resources spent. Either way, you are welcome to explore the magic of 3D modeling for metaverses.

Types of 3D Modeling for the Metaverse

Since the Metaverse is an extension of the real world with AR/VR capabilities, it has striking prospects for businesses of different domains. In turn, entrepreneurs have multiple options to build commercial solutions and improve them for better profitability. 

Thus, let’s take a look at different kinds of 3D modeling for metaverses that can be performed as individual projects and as parts of complex ones.

Building Metaverse Spaces

Instead of building an entire metaverse system, you can join an existing one, buy metaverse land, and monetize it by forming a new environment there. For example, it’s possible to model a representation of your real-life shop or model an entertaining location for your target audience for promotional purposes. 

In addition, some companies build working spaces to increase performance through better cooperation and communication between their employees. Thus, you can model props for your metaverse office as well as unique environments, like space, that would positively affect the team’s creativity. 

Custom Metaverse Avatar Creation

Many people joining metaverses find the appearance of their avatars highly important in terms of expressing their personality for proper identification. This means that you can provide your audience with the capability to create personalized metaverse characters of decent quality and with striking details. 

In order to do so, professional modelers like those from utilize cutting-edge technologies and advanced skills to create realistic avatars that can be customized by users. Specialists model a variety of body completions, facial particularities, outfits, and accessories so that the metaverse characters of your company would stand out among standard pixel models.

3D Assets for Metaverse Marketplaces and Games

Metaverse marketplaces are a kind of online shop where users can buy items for their personal use at metaverses or as investments. In turn, you need to create striking and unique lots to offer at your marketplace. Moreover, it’s necessary to complement the assortment regularly in order to provide better choices for different audience types.

In addition, the Metaverse is a buzzy platform for blockchain games that are usually based on the play-to-earn principle of collecting NFTs. Most NFTs are in-game 3D assets like characters, props, weapons, etc. In order to increase their gaming progress, players buy these specific items. And, just like in the case of marketplace assets, gaming items’ assortment must be augmented from time to time.

What Is Required for Outstanding Modeling for Metaverses 

Typically, there are several ways to get the 3D modeling part done for your metaverse project. For example, some entrepreneurs hire freelancers to save resources. 

Yet, freelance specialists are less likely to perform well with a massive scope of work that’s usually needed to deliver high-quality models in great numbers. 

Luckily, knowing what is required to get this job done can help you find the best way to bring your project to life. So, you are welcome to explore the aspects that should be covered for any successful metaverse-related project execution.

  • Advanced software. Defining the tech stack for your project, you should opt for programs that provide extended capabilities. The thing is, top-notch 3D modeling requires delicate work on textures, animation, and details that can take too much time and human resources to complete without proper tools. 
  • Powerful hardware. Working on 3D modeling with progressive software takes plenty of technical resources to maintain the process steadily. That’s why robust computers powered by the latest versions of CPUs and other units are absolutely needed for severe commercial projects.   
  • Qualified specialists. Naturally, people working on your project play the most important role. Skills, depth of expertise, and actual experience of 3D modelers are crucial factors defining a project’s success. So, it’s highly recommended to find decent specialists who are not only experts in their job but also trustworthy. 

In fact, you can cover all of the aspects above with outsourcing. This model is an all-in-one solution that provides companies with complex services as well as has its own resources like cherry-picked specialists and cutting-edge technologies. Thus, you get excellent results on favorable terms.