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Most video game fans have heard or come across TF2, also known as Team Fortress 2. It ranks among the top most popular video games.

TF2 is a first-person shooter game that was developed in October 2007. It comes in a single-player and a multiplayer mode.

It is an online action game that is characterized by shooting, humor, and the use of different characters in a multiplayer mode.

TF2 has incredible graphics, sound systems, and 3D quality animations.

How Do You Play The Game?

Team Fortress 2 storyline is based around two feuding brothers. The game is in a combat setting where two teams are competing, namely RED (Reliable Excavation and Demolition) and BLU (Builders League United). The teams are composed of 9 mercenaries;

  • The heavy
  • The Pyro
  • The scout
  • The Demoman
  • The engineer
  • The medic
  • The sniper
  • The soldier
  • The spy

They are hired by one of the brothers to protect company assets and destroy those of the other brother. Each character has unique weapons, strengths, and weaknesses.

A player is in liberty to choose to play any one of these characters. These characters have strengths and weaknesses that interact differently with each other. For a player to accomplish the set objectives smoothly, he/she has to balance the classes. Each class has one primary weapon, one secondary weapon, and one melee weapon. In every class unlocked by a player, new weapons and abilities are added.

There are generally nine playable classes grouped into three roles; offense, defense, and support.


It consists of the scout, soldier, and Pyro. The scout plays a fast character armed by a pistol, scattergun, and an aluminum bat. His extraordinary skill set includes double jumping. He counts as two people when earning control points and pushing payloads. His weakness is low health.

The soldier is armed by a shotgun, a folding shovel and a rocket launcher (default). The rocket launcher is used to rocket jump to higher positions at the cost of some health. The character is displayed by a Military Man from the Midwest with the second-highest health in the game.

The pyro default weapon is a flamethrower. It can be used to set other players on fire and consists of compressed air that knocks away enemies. It can also extinguish fellow burning players. Other weapons are a shotgun and a fire ax.


It comprises three characters; the heavy weapons guy, the engineer, and the Demoman.

The heavy weapons guy is a large Russian man with an accent and in love with firepower. His strength is the ability to sustain and withstand immense damage. His default weapon is a huge minigun that he refers to as ‘Sash,’ a shotgun, and his fists.

The engineer is armed with a shotgun, a pistol, a wrench, a construction and destruction PDAs. He can build structures to support his team. The wrench is used to speed up, repair, and upgrade construction by fellow engineers. The engineer can also use PDA to destroy structures remotely.

The Demoman is a black alcoholic Scotsman with an eye patch. He fits armed with a glass bottle of scrumpy, a sticky bomb, and a grenade launcher. The Demoman can use his rocket launcher to stick jump at the expense of some health.


This consists of the last three characters; the spy, the medic, and the sniper.

The spy is a French agent with Covert tools. A cloaking device disguised as a watch, a device hidden in his cigarette case that enables him to disguise as an enemy player and an electronic sapper used to sabotage and destroy enemies engineer buildings. He also has a butterfly knife that he can use to stab and immediately kill his enemies at the back or sides.

The medic is equipped with an air-powered syringe gun, and a bone saw that he uses to protect himself. He has a gun that heals his teammates and gradually builds an UberCharge. The UberCharge upon activation gives boosts such as temporary invulnerability to the medic and guaranteed critical hits. The medic also has doves for his pets. One is named Archimedes.

The sniper default weapon is a laser-sighted sniper rifle which enables him to shoot enemies from far. He also carries a submachine gun and a kukri, which he uses for close combat. The character is played by a cheerful New Zealand ocker character raised as an Australian Outback.

When the game was first launched, there were only six official maps. However, with several additions and improvements made over the years, it currently has more than 100 maps.

If you are a new player, or you are choosing a game mode for the first time, there is an introductory video that shows you how to complete the set objectives.

In Xbox or PlayStation 3, the player limit is 16. When playing on a PC, the player limit is 32. This update was done in 2008 to allow the server to accommodate many players.

Each player is provided with detailed individual statistics in a multiplayer mode. This includes the number of points earned and objectives achieved.

Team Fortress 2 had five main game modes; attack/defend, capture the flag, control points, King of the hill, and payload.

There are other alternative game modes such as payload race, territory control, special delivery, arena, manpower, medieval, pass time, and player destruction.

You can also choose a particular mode such as Man vs. Machine. New players have a training mode that helps them be familiar with the basics of the game and a practice mode for a multiplayer match. In these two modes, the player plays with bots and dummies.

TF2 is a frantic and exciting action game with numerous characters. A player can choose any character that he/she pleases. This keeps it more interesting.

If you are a massive fan of video games, then you should definitely play Team Fortress 2.