Games have always been the best source of entertainment for people. From an early age to the modern era, people have indulged in these activities. However, the enthusiasm for games has not changed; instead, there has been an increase in charts over time.

Games have evolved from sticks and stones to E-sports as the world revolutionized itself. People tend to engage in more physical activities in early times, e.g., boxing or hunting; however, now people prefer more electronic games. Electronic games have gained more hype due to their virtual graphics, visuals, and audio feedback. Before 2010, people used to play electronic games at the gaming station.

However, the consoles market was expected to drop with the introduction of mobile games and had somewhat the potential to remove the consoles. The emerging market in Asia for Esports was also boosted and gave another fortune market to game developers. The journey has been immense and mesmerizing, from arcade games and live gaming tournaments to the virtual 3D.

This newfound industry started from a few thousand dollars but has risen to billions of dollars and continues to do so. The gaming industry requires several skills to bring a new game in the market, like software engineers, graphic designers, retailers, publishers, and developers. Video games have served as an educator, a strategist, and visual learner for people.

The industry rise gave opportunities to many people and has contributed to world economics. Over a few years, specific individuals have used their talents to earn a few million dollars e.g., Arsalan Ash won three million dollars from the tournament. Similarly, there are particular ways to make money through gaming, such as US betting sites, to earn through bets. With this ongoing fame and love for video games, certain people, such as YouTubers, are considered celebrities in the people’s eyes.


Many novice gamers are not aware of the importance of practicing before participating in high-level games. On the other hand, expert gamers say it loud and clear that practice as much as possible, but to be the best, you have to show devotion. Therefore, if you wish to be a pro gamer, then take risks and openly challenge other gamers. This small-time duel will help build the agility and focus on gaming.

Select your game

Games are abundant out there, from platform games to sports, to virtual simulation games. So it is essential to master a game that interests you. Usually, people tend to select either an upcoming competition or an established game. You should choose your game very carefully and like that game which piques your interest.

Gaming community

It is essential to become a part of a gaming community. It can help you in learning tips and tricks which can enhance your abilities. There are gaming hubs where you can practice your strategies, master certain combos, and discuss new games. You can also play with your colleagues, friends, and relatives to improve yourself.

Control Your Temper

To be a decent player and individual, you should have the nerve of steel and thick skin. Trash talk is a gamer’s Norse code for igniting their opponent or confusing them to lose their confidence. A player should take the competition as a sport and should not get too competitive.

Daily Activities

Maintaining our health, both physically and mentally, is crucial, and playing all day can be harmful as well. Monitors’ screen time can cause headaches and sleep deprivation. So, it is essential to balance your life and interact with people out of the gaming world.

Figure it out

Ask for help from someone to be your mentor; he or she might be a professional. This profession requires mental and physical agility to be a pro. Many professional players have been playing for years, and they have molded their body to stress routine—a clear indicator of whether this platform is feasible for you or not. If yes, a mentor can help you explore areas with room for improvement.


It is a fact that devotion and perseverance are crucial to achieving anything. The world’s topmost players lived in a single space or cubicle and played for hours with people to perfect themselves. It is the investment they do to receive the reward over time; as a newcomer, one should research their passion regarding the hobby.

Choose the platform

Choosing a platform is an essential step towards gaming. This decision heavily depends on the game you want to play as there have been exclusive titles based on genre and different consoles. Thus, it is crucial to choose a platform.

Mobile games cost you less as you do not need money for the initial setup. PC games are expensive, and console games are somewhere in the middle of these both. PC games are cheap, but the setup is more costly. At the same time, other consoles might have one fixed investment but require cost for additional utilities.

Backup plan

It is necessary to take risks but, so is having a backup plan. It is always good to have a backup plan. You can be a pro gamer while doing your job and going to school. But it is preferred to have a good source of income while getting better at your game.

Secure your self

Many professional players use VPN’s to play across the world. VPN allows you to play games that might have restrictions over their IP addresses. Some hackers intrude in accounts owned by professional players to steal their keys, saddlebags, and tactics. It is vital to select a VPN with great care.


These are many tips and tricks for newcomers who are thriving to make money in this new world. The gaming arena is not as convenient as it seems; many pitfalls a novice will come to experience down the road.

You can follow these tips to become a good player. However, focus on a few things like practice, patience, challenges, and hard work. It would be helpful if you learned from experts in the field and discover how to earn a living through this profession. The goal is to focus on the reward and work on these tips.