In business, staying in tune with the customer’s needs and the current global trends is crucial to growing or sustaining a brand. Primarily, many businesses look to surveys as a means of acquiring this information. Face-to-face interviewing is widely preferred because it allows for more in-depth data collection.

Despite the advantages, face-to-face interviews can be inaccurate and time-consuming when done using the wrong approach. With digitization, the invention of computer-aided personal interviewing surveys has eliminated the limitations of traditional data collection methods. Widely referred to as CAPI software, the application has revolutionized face-to-face interviews.

Here are four reasons why you should use CAPI software to optimize the efficiency of face-to-face interviews:

Software Can Be Used Offline

With face-to-face interviews, the outfield employees may find themselves in a variety of settings and platforms. Many computer-aided programs are dependent on stable internet connections to function, whereas CAPI software can function and collect data without any data connection, in situations where there is no internet connection available.

In such situations, the software allows you to conduct the questionnaire on your phone or tablet and synchronize the acquired information later when you are online. The feature is also in effect even if you lose your internet connection while conducting the survey. This minimizes the loss of data when conducting such interviews in the field.

It Is Cost-Effective

Conducting interviews and other surveys can be quite costly, especially when using traditional data collection methods. Surveys involve collecting large volumes of data, which incur printing, paper, and scanning costs before synchronization can begin. CAPI software gives you an economical alternative for even more extensive data volumes.

With CAPI surveys, most of the data is stored in the cloud. With this, there are no setup or maintenance costs attached to it. The information gathered is stored electronically, eliminating any paper or printing costs. Most of the pay plans associated with the software only charge for the services provided. These perks can comfortably keep you within your budget.

Increased Accuracy of Findings

Personal interviews have been widely criticized for generating inaccurate results. The mishaps primarily resulted from mistakes made when using traditional data collection methods, such as handwritten paper questionnaires. The use of electronic devices to collect this information greatly reduces the risk of acquiring inaccurate information.

With CAPI surveys, the information is filled directly into the computer. The information is then synchronized and analyzed digitally, generating accurate findings. Gone are the days of losing paper questionnaires in the field or writing down inaccurate information. There are no professional transcription services needed either, which reduces any errors that may occur during the process.

Remote Interview Monitoring

The efficiency of face-to-face interviews mainly depends on the interviewer’s competency. In many cases, managers were tasked with accompanying interviewers to the field for evaluation during their work. Despite being effective, the process is time-consuming. With CAPI software, the manager can monitor the interviews and interviewers in real time.

In addition to this feature, CAPI surveys are user-friendly and easy to use. Most of them come with features that facilitate all the training and evaluation needs you may have. Thanks to the remote monitoring feature, any improper response can be flagged, and the managers alerted right away. This helps to keep the responses precise and relevant and the interviewers in check.

Get the Most Out of Personal Interviews

In a world where keeping up with the trends is necessary, conducting surveys is a crucial part of any business. However, conducting these surveys can be a waste of time and resources if not done correctly. CAPI software offers high-quality returns for large volumes of data at a low cost. Acquire useful information to grow your business quickly by embracing this useful technology.