With the legalization of Cannabis, it has become convenient to visit the local dispensary and order a pre-roll joint for yourself. It’s cheap and easy to buy a joint, especially when you are looking at spending some fun time with your group of friends.

However, it is very tough to find what exactly is inside your Pre-roll joint. Moreover, there is no technology to see whether the pre-roll joint matches the quality standard you are looking for.

However, here are some simple tips to know what is inside and how you can identify that.

How they make the pre-rolls 

Before we proceed ahead, we will first tell you a history of pre-rolls in short. Usually, a pre-rolled joint contains either bottom ends of the jars, a lower-tiered Cannabis shake, or ground-up trim. All these are mixed from different strains, & then poured into the pre-rolled cones. These are then shaken by machine and twisted by hand.

Some rolls like Moonrock pre-roll are quality certified and follow all the procedures expected of them. Pre-roll shake should be potent as a flower it originated from. However, if the flower dries out before use, you might not get the kick you want. Read on to find some great tips to see if the pre-roll’s quality is worth it.

Ask the Budtender’s what is in the pre-rolls 

Any budtender knows that they will not get their tips if they do not answer your doubts. Whenever you doubt the quality of the pre-roll, ask the budtender as he remains the most reliable source for you. Usually, these people might be themselves using a pre-roll.

While every budtender is not the right fit to answer your doubts, try asking, “How is the pre-roll,” and you might end up with the correct info.

Find who made the pre-roll

There is a need for good quality in pre-rolls, and most cannabis companies are trying to match up. In fact, several producers work only on developing high-quality joints for their customers. The contents they use are of the same standard as those put in canister, jars, and bags.

Even if the brand of the company is not widely known, they might be high on the quality parameter. However, if the pre-roll is coming from a company that is entirely focused on maintaining its reputation, the quality will be top-notch for sure.

You will get what you are paying for

Sometimes you may find a rich and potent pre-roll joint for just five bucks. When you light it, you assume that the result and effects will be stunning. However, remember that five dollars is five dollars, and you must in no situation expect much out of that joint.

It might give you a feeling of being stoned, but that is just a cheap and convenient way of getting that thrill. The same happens for the promotional joints that are offered for free. You might get it for free, but the companies will make their profit somehow.

On the flip side, a joint priced above 20 bucks will be worth the price. Charging a premium price is their way of letting you know that the quality will force you to return. Plus, if they sell the joints in a tin or a beautiful packing, you should be assured that they pay attention to the essential aspects.

Similarly, if they mention any specific strain in the packaging, it means you will enjoy the joint.

Your nose is the best judge

Remove the top of your pop-roll and just take a whiff. In case it is made of grade A Cannabis, there will be a rich aroma and blend of terpenes that you would be greeted with. Apart from that, a decadent blend of citrus, pine, lemon, berry, and cloves is sure to be the result of a great mix.

However, if you are unable to identify any smell and you just feel there is weed smell coming back, chances are the quality is compromised.

Another scent that you may notice is a woody one that comes from campfires. This means that the stem is ground here instead of more of the flower. You have to stay away from those synthetic smells. If you experience the same, it implies that they used pesticides in the harvest, and naturally, you would want to avoid that.

Simple way

In case you are unable to identify a joint of high quality, there is nothing to worry about. The elders in your family can vouch how to make the joint on your own. You just need some paper and torn cardboard to create a filter tip. There are videos on YouTube that you could watch to get the hang of the same. These videos give step-by-step instructions for rolling the joint.

However, for that, you first have to procure quality weed for yourself. Again you are caught in the same trap as there are multiple types of weed quality available. Even if you manage to find, premium weed rolling it properly as per the instructions can be a challenging task. It is highly inconvenient to manage to do so each time, and hence people turn to buy expert products.


Pre-roll joints are exclusive and give you a high that nothing else can match to.  But, how can you find out if the joint you purchased is worth the money spent? Follow the above tricks and select the best possible pre-roll joint that will curb your urge to smoke and provide ecstatic results.

If need be take suggestions from someone in your family who has experience in the field. Turns out that such people often offer information that is elusive otherwise.

Always look for a trustworthy place to do your shopping. There are multiple sellers in this field who are there just to earn some extra bucks at your expense. Try to check their online reviews before you place your order.

Once you get the idea of the best seller and products, you are sorted, and nothing can stop you from enjoying these moments of pleasure.