Retirement is a major milestone and a retirement gift should recognize and respect the hard work and dedication the retiree has given to the company. As retirement gifts are often presented at a meeting of employees or a corporate lunch, the choice of gift is important not only to reflect the personality of the retiree and their role in the company but also not to cause offense to anyone at the event. Gifts are often a reflection on the past working life but also look to living a future life to follow dreams now that time allows.

Traditional retirement gifts 

The most popular corporate retirement gift used to be a carriage clock which symbolized the passing of time literally and figuratively. Nowadays, these types of company retirement gifts have been modernized, though have kept to the theme of the passage of time and now gift a wristwatch or other timepiece, asking the retiree to make the choice.

Memento gifts

Many people retire from a profession they have followed for most of their adult life. Preserving a special item used in their years of service can become a memento not only of their working life but the appreciation of colleagues who have arranged for the gift to be crafted and inscribed. For hairdressers, this could be a pair of scissors displayed in a shadow box, whilst a new mechanics set could allow a retiree to continue a job they love at home in their free time.

Hobby gifts

At retirement, many people are able to spend more time on hobbies take up new plans for study or travel. As retirement gifts are so important, the retiree is often asked what their plans are post-retirement. This could mean spending more time playing golf with friends, so a gift that acknowledges and supports this endeavor can be meaningful. A notepad and pens for the person who wants to write a book or an easel for the artist looking to make painting the focus of their future, or the gift of a masterclass in a specialist field will make the leap into retirement more exciting than uncertain.

Travel gifts

An employee that is ready to retire may already have plans to travel the world. Support this with guidebooks, new luggage, noise-cancelling headphones for times they are flying to their next location or any other suggestion you can get from their spouse that would make traveling more fun.

Tickets to an event

Whilst a material gift that acknowledges the time and energy the retiree has put into the company is important, experience gifts are becoming increasingly popular. If your retiree supports a particular sports player, singer, actor etc., the gift of a couple of tickets to an event or performance will create new memories to carry forward into retirement.  You may want to gift a season ticket to a sports team or perhaps tickets to a gaming tournament or cosplay event.

Gift plaque

A gift that marks a retirement should have an accompanying card or plaque with simple but heartfelt wording to mark the end of their working life. This will make the transition into an entirely new world that much simpler for those who may be nervous. This could be as simple as an inscription on the base of a trophy (to honor their love of golf for example to state “Presented to [name] in grateful appreciation for your years of hard work, loyalty, and leadership. Enjoy your retirement.”