There has been some discussion for quite some time surrounding the relationship between video games and anxiety. Some studies have pointed towards video games, causing anxiety and depression, while others have highlighted the effects as beneficial for brain development as well as preventing anxiety. So, this conflicting information leaves most of us in the middle of the debate, possibly just looking at the issues from a subjective perspective.

Well, there is good news for gamers who want to play without putting themselves at risk for those less than desirable health conditions of anxiety, depression, and addiction. You can sprinkle a little CBD into your game time to avoid those things. Yes, that’s right, vaping CBD to ease anxiety and tension associated with playing video games is a great way to enjoy the games you love while giving yourself all the added benefits of CBD!

The Pros & Cons of Gaming

I’m sure we’ve all heard everything is acceptable in moderation, and video games are no exception. Some people play video games for entertainment, and others utilize video games as a mechanism to cope with things going on in their lives. Both of these are fine until you add in longer than normal playtimes and factor in your personality type.


Some of the positive aspects attributed with gaming include:

  • Developing problem-solving skills: Video games require planning and execution to reach the needed levels until the game is eventually won. This takes much planning and execution of ideas, strategies, and problem-solving skills to figure out what didn’t work the last go-round.
  • Improved coordination: The need for the coordination between visual, auditory, and physical movement is all needed to successfully play video games.
  • Increased cognitive skills and speed: The player has to multitask with a variety of different components of the game, and this leads to increased cognitive abilities such as memory and the ability to think more quickly.
  • Improves social skills: People have the ability to bond over a great number of things, and video games are not left out of that equation. There’s no question about it—video games bring people together and allow them to have a good time with the same common goal. It also requires constant communication between all of the players, and communication is always a good skill to have under your belt.


Some of the negative effects associated with playing video games:

  • Anxiety: Those who engage in substantial amounts of video game time were shown to have increased rates of anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, lack of concentration, and the inability to control themselves.
  • Depression: Games such as ‘Call of Duty’ have been shown to reduce the grey matter in your hippocampus because you’re moving off of “habit” and not spatial learning capabilities. The decrease of this grey matter can lead to brain deterioration and lead to other concerns such as depression, schizophrenia, and PTSD. (This information suggested by a 2017 study from the Université de Montréal).
  • Aggression: Those who play violent video games are more likely to try to exhibit those same traits and have more aggressive tendencies. This “con” has been long debated because there are studies that show both sides of the coin.
  • Social isolation: The time can fly by when you’re trying to reach that next level or just simply become engrossed in your game settings. This can ultimately lead to other signs of video game addiction.

How To Avoid The “Cons” by Vaping CBD

CBD can help you avoid the negative symptoms associated with gaming. The cannabinoids (CBD) work with your body in a natural way to send signals to receptors that need extra attention. Video games are designed to activate and release certain chemicals within the brain, such as dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins. Although these are all “feel good” chemicals, your serotonin levels are a little more complex. If your serotonin levels are compromised, you can suffer from negative side effects. This is where CBD comes into play. CBD interacts naturally with your endocannabinoid system to send signals to the receptors responsible for serotonin.

Some of the health issues people use CBD vape pens for while gaming with amazing results is for anxiety, depression, mood enhancement and stabilization, and also for advanced focus.

Which Type of Vape Pen Should You Try

There are so many vape pen options out there on the market. You can literally find them everywhere, but not all vape pens are created with the same quality and purity guidelines in place. Some companies include harmful ingredients, so it’s imperative that you check the lab results to make sure that you’re not purchasing a product that has vitamin e acetate included.

If you’re looking to buy a vape pen or vaporizer check out an online headshop from the comfort of your couch.

How To Tell If It’s Something More Serious

It can be hard to take a step back and take a more in-depth look to really assess if you have a problem deeper than a little anxiety, etc. The World Health Organization recognizes the addiction to playing video games as “Gaming Addiction.” Some symptoms you might start to notice are excessive thinking about playing, feeling bad when you can’t play, the inability to decrease time spent playing, lying about the amount of time you spend playing, using the game as a coping mechanism to escape from reality, and having problems in other areas of your life in response to the amount of time you spend playing video games.

Associated Health Concerns & Complications

  • Increased aggression and tendencies for violence
  • Avoiding things that enhance personal development
  • Issues concentrating and paying attention
  • Lack of social engagement and no desire to do so
  • Lack of physical activity contributing to obesity and other health issues

If you notice any of these symptoms, you should seek the help of a licensed psychiatric professional as this is deemed more of a psychological addiction disorder.


It’s apparent that video games can affect us in a variety of ways, with most of it coming down to what you’re playing and how often you’re playing. The good news is that whether you’re using video games to cope with anxiety or using it for entertainment, you can still use a CBD vape pen in either situation. CBD will help calm those nerves and give you the focus you need to get to that next level and beat the game. Just make sure you purchase your vape from a quality provider, monitor your actual playing time, and have fun!