Most of the world’s population today owns a smartphone, but not everyone is aware of all the fantastic things your phone can do. Let’s look at some of the amazing and lesser-known features your smartphone has that can make your daily life easier and much more fun.

Have Fun Playing Mobile Games

Stuck in traffic on your way home? Stuck at home during the pandemic with nothing to do? Smartphone’s here to entertain you!

You can whip out your trusty smartphone and kill time by playing a variety of games. New casino sites in the UK feature poker, blackjack, dice, backgammon, chess, quiz games, shooting games, world-building games, and more.

A Better Way to Search for Photos

There are, on average, hundreds of photos stored on smartphones these days. Trying to find that adorable pic you took three days ago of you and your pet is like trying to uncover a needle in a haystack. Now there is a way to narrow it down.

Type the name of the category, such as animal, cat, dog, or bird, into the search bar of your Photo app. And voila, it’s there!

Be Safe While Walking at Night with Your Phone

Being out alone at night in a big city is quite dangerous. Smartphone app designers have thought about that too and came up with a solution.

Some apps allow your selected contacts to track your location and send out a distress signal after the predetermined amount of time runs out. The apps are available on both iPhone and Android.

Create Shortcuts

If you have an iPhone and tend to use some words over and over in your texts, this feature will save you some time. Go to Settings, then Keyboard, click Text Replacement, and then the plus symbol.

You will be able to make any letter(s) stand for your favorite words and emojis. For example, if you input “t u” as your substitute for “thank you,” these words will pop up next time you type “t u”.

Scan QR Codes with a Smartphone

Earlier you needed to have a special app on your phone to scan a QR code now all you need to do is point your camera at it. Simply open the camera app and let your camera focus on the code.

You will see the notification pop up, by clicking on it you will open the product page or the website. Don’t think you are missing out on the QR fun if you have an Android. Just open the Google app, enable the screen search, and scan those QR codes to your heart’s content.


How on earth can you get a full night’s sleep when all the excitement in the world is just sitting there on your bedside table, tempting you with its wicked glow? Enable grayscale to make the screen dimmer and less appealing and get some rest before that early morning test you’ve got.

Conclusions on Surprising Uses for Your Smartphone

Now you know that your mobile phone has a lot more utility than you had realized! Use one or more of the above-noted features to make the most of this handy device.