For each new addon, players prepare their characters in order to boost as quickly as possible and gain access to high-level content. There are usually 2-3 weeks of off-season between the previous and the next patch when the developers add minor changes or the so-called pre-patch. The community gets seed in the form of a small plot, as well as the opportunity to improve equipment. After the release of the main expansion, all players need to boost the last 10 levels to gain access to m + dungeons, world quests, raids, and the arena. Below we will take a look at the main ways to quickly level up in the Shadowlands add-on.

Basic leveling methods

The easiest way to swing was with the help of dungeons. For each successful passage, you get 50-60 thousand experience. You don’t even have to do World Quests, just queue up and mind your own business. As soon as the LFG system assembles a team, you will receive a notification. You can level up even faster if you queue for only one dungeon – Plague Cascades. You do not have to kill all the bosses, only the last two are enough to get experience for passing.

Getting to level 60 was not a problem for some players. One of the speedrunners was able to reach the desired mark in just 6 hours and 30 minutes. Many of us sit at the computer for 8-10 hours daily, but there are many nuances in passing it that not everyone will want to follow. Especially to sit continuously for more than 6 hours, performing the same tasks. It is much easier to use the services of WOW POWER LEVELING boosting so that another person will swing the character instead of you. After just a few hours, you get a boosted level 60 character with access to high-level content.

After the release of Shadowlands, the leveling system has changed. Now the character has a maximum limit of 60 levels. Once you reach 48, Bolvar Fordragon will offer to visit Icecrown to learn about the fate of Azeroth. After a short acquaintance with the Maw, you find yourself in Oribos, where the main storyline begins.

You will have to swing by the traditional method of quests, killing local monsters and animals of the Dark Lands for your employers. To diversify this process will help four initial dungeons, where you can register using automatic selection:

– The Necrotic Wake;
– Halls of Atonement;
– Mists of Tirna Scithe;
– Plaguefall.

The first playthrough of the Shadowlands story campaign is mandatory. The questline will send you from one location to another. There are four of them in the Shadowlands: Maldraxus, Bastion, Revendreth, Ardenweald. All Covenants faced the same problem – a shortage of Anima, which is redirected from all worlds to the Maw – the dark world of lost souls, where the main antagonist Jailer dwells.

Leveling up an alternate character

After reaching level 60 on the main character, you get access to the main content of the patch. The main characters of Shadowlands will task you with eliminating the drought in the Darklands and helping the Covenants rally to stop the Jailer. To do this, you will have to go to the “Sanctum of Dominance” raid and interfere with Sylvanas’s plans, destroy the army of the Womb, clear the dungeons of monsters, and much more.

In the future, if you want to upgrade an alternative character, then you will have two options for leveling:

– storyline campaign;
– Threads of Fate.

You are already familiar with the first option, but the second is character development with the help of local and side quests. You don’t have to follow a linear storyline. You can choose any of the locations to your taste and complete quests while gaining experience in the dungeons.