Electroneum (ETN) is a cryptocurrency that puts sustainability and charity first. Its code was based on Monero and Bitcoin. Electroneum launched in 2017, with $40 million in ICO.

It aims to become the first mobile payment solution to target the unbanked part of the world population.

Currently, Electroneum claims to have more than 4 million users, and more than 170 countries can access their mobile payment network. Without having a bank account, you can pay for electricity or mobile air time, buy food or other products as more and more counties join the ETN network. You can use Electroneum to pay for gaming, gambling or you can convert it to other cryptocurrencies, like 1 etn to btc.

Electroneum products:

  • AnyTask.com is a platform to offer or buy different services for ETN;
  • Electroneum M1 is a smartphone that made Electroneum the only cryptocurrency invited to join more than 800 mobile operators and 300 companies in GSMA Intelligence Panel;
  • Electroneum App is a cryptocurrency wallet where you can store your ETN;
  • ETNDonate is a platform where charities can advertise themselves for free and receive donations in ETN;
  • ETN Everywhere is a worldwide marketplace where you can buy various products and services with ETN.

ETN can be purchased or converted at online exchanges listed on the Electroneum website. Each platform offers different payment methods, so be sure to check available options before signing up.

To ensure your maximum profit – you need to compare all the fees, commissions, and exchange rates. But low commission may also mean a greater risk for your funds. So, when you have found an Exchange service with desired payment methods and low commissions – you still need to make sure that it can be trusted.

Here is a list of things you need to consider:

  • Check the platform’s age and reputation. Find if it has been hacked before or how it has solved any crises during its history.
  • How many cryptocurrencies does this Exchange list? Check if the platform lists all the currencies that may interest you.
  • If the exchange is custodial, it is an additional risk.

Another way to profit from ETN could be purchasing from EtnEverywhere or AnyTask. You may find many products and services at low prices. There are a lot of things that you buy regularly, so paying for them without exchange service fees or without banks and at lower prices could be even a more convenient and profitable way to spend your ETN.