Online casino has surpassed physical gaming and is on an exponential rise in popularity. The ability to play remotely from virtually any part of the world allows casinos to serve an almost limitless number of players. A house likeĀ Platin Casino, for instance, uses four languages to serve players from around the globe. Collecting winnings from these casinos is, however, not as easy as the gaming sessions are. Often, you find that the withdrawal options offered by an online casino are not available in the player’s region. Other times such methods are slow and players have to wait for long durations before their money reflects. Yet there are times you find that players do not know how to make withdrawals in the simplest ways. This article looks to simplify that by explaining how and where to make withdrawals from online casino games like testament video slot without going through a lot of struggle.

  1. Log into your casino account
  2. Go to the money section- My Money, Wallet, Cashier, etc (Name depends on the specific casino)
  3. Select ‘Withdrawal’
  4. Select the payment method you intend to use
  5. Enter the amount you intend to withdraw
  6. Confirm the transaction and wait for your money to reflect

The methods accepted for deposits and withdrawals vary from casino to casino. However, there are a number of payment methods that appear to be popular across a wide range of online casinos. These methods are preferred because of their availability in many countries/regions, their safety and security, their ease of use and their reliability among other factors. When online casino first became popular, bank wire transfer was the most popular. The use of cards was the next step, with some houses even accepting credit cards. Then came e-wallets that revolutionized the entire model of transacting between online casinos and their customers. E-wallets are loved because of their convenience and safety. They are much faster than bank and card transfers and also less intrusive on users’ privacy. Lately, an increasing number of online casinos has begun accepting cryptocurrencies as a method of depositing and withdrawing.

  1. Bank Transfers
  2. E-wallets- Paypal, Trustly, Skrill, etc
  3. Card payments – Visa, Mastercard
  4. Cryptocurrencies- Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.
  5. Credit cards

A transaction in an online casino shouldn’t be as difficult a task as it is meant to be. Usually, the withdrawal bit is what confuses players as they try to convert their winnings into real money. Players need to be aware of the ease of withdrawal before signing up to an online casino. They should, for instance, find out which withdrawal methods are offered and whether such methods are available in their region. Players also need to read about other people’s experience when withdrawing from a particular casino. Reputable casinos allow their players to withdraw winnings through the world’s most trusted transfer methods. If a casino is offering unknown withdrawal options or if there are many complaints about its withdrawal process, it would be wise to stay away from it altogether. Above all, players need to educate themselves about the withdrawal process through different methods in the casinos they play in. The above methods will be greatly helpful.