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People love decorating for the seasonal holidays. Americans spend around $626.1 billion on winter holidays and $6.9 billion on Halloween, and this includes decorations along with gifts, candy, and clothing or costumes.

Do you want to up your seasonal decorations but are not sure where to start? Here are a few things you should add to your celebration decor so you are ready for all the seasons.

1. Seasonal Pillows

Pillows are a great way to give your decor the taste of the season. You can use pillows for indoor and outdoor decor. Pillows are economical and easy to store.

If you want, you can just purchase pillow covers for each season. Try rabbits or florals for spring, hearts for Valentine’s Day, beach or sun for summer, pumpkins or Halloween for fall, and of course, there are several possibilities for the Christmas season.

You can get subtle prints like snowflakes, a fir tree, or flowers, or you can do a different cover for each month and cover patriotic holidays as well. Remember, less is more when it comes to pillows—you don’t want to have to shift several pillows around just to take a seat!

2. Wreaths

Don’t forget your front door when it comes to seasonal outdoor decor. Nothing says “welcome” like a seasonal, beautiful wreath. You can make your own wreaths if you are crafty.

Think about the various fall color leaves for your fall wreath. How about something mossy and twiggy for spring? Then summer brings bright greens or florals. You can choose an evergreen wreath for Christmas and use it all winter if you remove any subtle hints of Christmas like a red bow.

3. Plants 

Each season has a plant—so bring the outdoors inside. You can plant paperwhites or Poinsettias for Christmas. Mums are perfect for the fall decor (more on those later). Spring brings tulips, lilies, and more. You can even start your herb boxes indoors to help celebrate the upcoming summer season.

If you want some inside decorations for winter, think about bringing in some birch branches. You can add them to your mantel after you remove all your holiday decor.

4. Pumpkins and Mums

Speaking of mums, fall is the perfect time to get some mums and pumpkins for your seasonal home decor. If you have a more contemporary home, think about getting some white pumpkins because they go with all decor.

You can also find pumpkins in green, tan, yellow, blue, and some even have stripes! There are a variety of shapes and sizes as well, so go to your local nursery each year to jazz up your fall porch.

You can choose to plant your mums in your front porch planters for some extra colors. Line your walk with your pumpkins and add some spookiness if you want for the Halloween season.

Pumpkins and mums will carry you through Thanksgiving as well.

5. Outdoor Items Inside

Every season has different distinct outdoor elements. Try exploring your backyard or local parks to bring in the outside. Get a large vase to display these seasonal, organic items.

For spring, get a sweet nest by collecting sweet branches. Use a bowl of pinecones in the winter. Gather up some hydrangeas in the summer (and you can even let them dry for a pretty fall display).

Stack up some small pumpkins or gourds in a bowl for the fall.

6. Birthday Decor

Don’t forget to let everyone know it’s your birthday (or someone else in your household). You don’t need to buy a banner from the store!  You can make your own wooden sign with twine, wood slabs, and acrylic paint—plus, you can use it year after year!

Create a photo display on a photo mason jar. Bring it out each year for birthday season only to help you and your family reminiscence and fill it with colorful flowers.

Celebrating a big birthday? How about lighting up your porch with some eye-catching birthday numbers? Let everyone know it’s a big one—visit to order yours today!

7. Winter Cozy

If you have a deep porch, winter is the perfect time to make it look cozy. Add a fuzzy throw in the fall and winter on the back of your swing or rocker.

Pick an area rug to keep your toes warm in the frosty air. Don’t forget to add a few touches to your small table like small spaces for candles or lanterns for more winter coziness.

8. Greenery

When it comes to spring, pull out both artificial and real greenery to spread throughout your home. It brings life to a room and adds texture.

Get some live plants if you don’t have any. If you don’t have a space with light, try some artificial greenery to get you ready for the greens of spring. You can use artificial sprays, wreaths, potted plants (large and small), swags, and individual stems to get ready for the joy of spring.

9. Lanterns and Candles

You can use lanterns and candles to suit every decoration trend of the season. The soft glow can add romance and warmth to all areas—indoors or outdoors.

Line your pathways and steps with lanterns to help light the way in the winter’s darkness. You can also use them for charming table centerpieces or light candles with the scents of the seasons.

Get More Seasonal Decorations Today

There are simple ways to update your home for all the holidays. Use these simple seasonal decorations to change out for all the seasons.

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