Do you remember playing Tetris as a kid? It used to be the go-to childhood game and is available on all devices. The decade-old game was found to teach complex cognitive skills to players who played the game competitively.

Fast forward to the 21st-century, and you have games similar to Tetris that offer both entertainment and the opportunity to learn essential life skills. Block puzzle is one such game that resembles the classic Tetris game, and players have to arrange differently shaped blocks on the game board. When the blocks fit perfectly, it clears space for more cells, and the more lines you can clear, the more points you score.

You can play block puzzle games for hours without getting bored. You need to install the game on your device and create your account. After that, you can initially start by playing the free practice games. The practice games are specifically designed to help players get the hang of the game’s rules and remain calm when playing with real online players. Once you are confident of your skills to solve this puzzle game, you can move on to the 1V1 cash games or tournaments and win big cash rewards.

Besides money and entertainment, the block puzzle game offers players the opportunity to learn exceptional skills. Block puzzle players became the testbed for cognitive scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Some of the skills you can learn are as follows:

Excellent problem-solving skills

Block Puzzle is a game that essentially provides you with a big problem on the game board and asks you to solve it by fitting the correctly shaped blocks. The more you play the game, the quicker you find solutions.

You’ll see three blocks at a time during the game, and once you have successfully placed them all, three more blocks will appear on the game screen. You must set the blocks to pave the way for the other blocks yet to come.

The same skill you can apply in your life when faced with a problem. You need to think about the consequences and develop a solution that will not hamper your future.

So, as you continue solving block puzzles, you improve upon your competitive skills and work efficiency. Also, you can solve problems better than before.

Teaches you the skills of patience

Even though the block puzzle game is timed and lasts for three minutes, you cannot win the game if you rush without logic. When you see the three blocks, you cannot randomly place them anywhere.

For starters, you have to leave space for the notorious 3X3 square piece. That’s why it is recommended that you start placing the blocks from the corners so the middle space is empty and when the square piece arrives, there’s space available.

If you cannot place any block on the board, your game will end even if there’s time. So, you have to patiently study the game screen, understand how the blocks fit together, and then make your move. Furthermore, your moves must be calculated not to affect your future moves in the game.

Spatial reasoning improves

When playing block puzzles, the primary objective is to understand the space and accordingly place the blocks. As you play a couple of games, you automatically create a mind map of placing the blocks on the board.

The game teaches you space management and how to make full use of the available space in the long run. Eventually, you become much better at navigating things in the real world.

Hand-eye coordination is enhanced

One of the most notable benefits of playing mobile games, such as block puzzles, is improving hand-eye coordination. It is a skill you’ll need throughout your life, regardless of what you do.

Block puzzles demand a fast response from players because there’s a timer ticking away, the opponent’s score is flashing on the game screen, and the blocks must be placed together to clear lines. As you play block puzzles competitively, the response time between your brain and body improves considerably. Moreover, the speed at which you solve problems is also enhanced.

With improved hand-eye coordination, you can expect to achieve great things in your real life.

Augments your memory

Remembering things is one of the hardest, especially when age is catching up to you. Young people quickly remember activities and moments, but as you are burdened with too many household chores and professional commitments, your brain starts to fizz out. One of the best ways to train your mind and memory is by playing block puzzles.

If you succeed in puzzle games, it means you have terrific short-term memory. Without this, you cannot achieve the final solution and win the game. Continue playing more and more block puzzle games to accentuate your memory and train your mind.

Summing up

Playing block puzzles is undoubtedly fun and addictive, but it is mainly preferred because of all the excellent skills it teaches you. Once you start playing the game competitively, there’s no turning back. Your memory will improve, and you’ll get so much better at solving problems. What’s more, your hand-eye coordination will improve. You can apply these skills in the real world and augment your overall productivity. So, download the game right away to sharpen your skills.