Competitive is the key word when considering a run in the remodeled Overwatch league, something that a section of the Overwatch community troubled about a feature or two will welcome. The excitement into the new look game mode and competitive state also features new storylines, maps, heroes, and balances to make the game fairer to both the newbies and veterans.

Indeed, some sections of the Overwatch community did not appreciate efforts towards the match experience in previous versions, which has prompted an overhaul. In addition, the UI did not regard competitive gaming at a group level and only featured individual accolades, which the Overwatch league rebrand has considered in the update. 

The anticipated changes are about to set things straight in the UI, especially for those wagering skins in and those into shooter games. Most of the new additions are fan-fuelled, so the game should be more exciting and worthwhile. Here are some of the new features expected in the fresh release. 

New Skill-Focused Tier Divisions

Hardcore gamers will appreciate the intensity of SR, which has dominated previous versions of the Overwatch league. Indeed, SR played a critical role in pushing the players to the limit since it went down and up as the player battled their way to different tiers. However, Blizzard has decided that the mode made the gamers work so hard without any meaningful progress, which is a turn-off.  

The decision to get rid of SR is to help gamers have a sense of progress. This will push them into higher ranks without contemplating replays of the same levels for long. 

Skill tier divisions will replace the SR, which for returning gamers isn’t a new feature but a continuation of what they are used to in the Bronze and higher levels. As a gamer progresses, this will count by revving up the levels and the tiers. Ultimately, the player might hit the top 500 hundred ranks. 

As is the norm, as the player makes progress, so will the numbers and figures on the screen. However, unlike tradition, the skill counter will not consider each game but a group of them totaling up to 20 previous matches.

Intense Gaming Focused UI

The Overwatch community has previously made some comments about achieving a game-focused UI that highlights the whole intrigues of a match. The first items considered for a redesign were portrait borders that have often dominated a player’s concentration while on the battlefield with partners. 

While information about player levels remains necessary, including the skill tier in competitive mode, Blizzard has made a tough call to get rid of them. Players will no longer have them dominating their screens in the updated version 2. 

The screen will now have the player’s name and some titles collected while picking up momentum in the game. According to Blizzard, the new looks will communicate transparency and everything to do with the matches team-wise and not some individual accolades. 

Features like the ping system also consider the team effort that goes into winning tournaments. The one in Overwatch also has a group performance in mind; it will help make coordination with little or no talking with the teammates. Such systems improve synergy within a team and give a better chance of success in an intense match.   

Better Experience for the Newbies

Past versions of Overwatch have given newbies a hill to climb to get them into the competitive modes. However, the portrait levels will no longer work as they did previously. Newbies will have their hand on the newbie-friendly FTUE modes first before making their way into the more competitive games with the veterans. 

The new situation will level the playing field in the competitive modes so that the veterans have a better experience when battling it out in the higher levels, with newer players growing into the game.

Change is Inevitable

Changes in in-game play are inevitable. Indeed, games change all the time to highlight a fan-fuelled experience that will make the competition fairer and more exciting. User experience and team-focused themes are what blizzard has in mind with their redesign of the Overwatch league. In the next few weeks and months, gamers will have their hands and say on the new features.