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Putting covers on tables is one of the simplest and easiest ways to add a touch of class to your interiors. They are available in a very large variety of colors, patterns, materials, and textures, making it easy for you to pick the ones that go best with the rest of the elements in your home. While they are available in all the standard sizes and shapes off the shelf, you can have them custom-designed to fit your tables should they be in a different shape and size. A quick primer on buying the perfect cover for your tables:

Types of Covers

While you can put covers on virtually every kind of table in your home, the most common are covers for center tables and dining tables. These covers commonly come in rectangular shapes though you can always get bespoke ones made according to your requirement. Another common use is for covering dining tables. The covers serve to make the décor more attractive and at the same time prevent the food and drink from spilling over and messing up the surface of the table. You need to buy covers of the right size. However, if the covers are used on tables used in exhibitions, workshops, seminars, or other outdoor events, it is common for the fabric to cover the entire front of the table. These are also known as dry bar covers, and their principal function is to hide unsightly furniture.

Top Things to Consider When Buying Table Covers

Colors and patterns: The selection of the color and pattern of the tablecloth perhaps makes the biggest impact on the aesthetics of the home décor. Luckily, you can get an awesome variety to match every conceivable décor style. For family and casual get-togethers, you can choose a gay check or a floral pattern, while for a more formal dinner; you can’t go wrong with classic white, according to Forbes. The color and pattern you choose for the tablecloth are as much a reflection of your refined taste as the meal you serve.

Shape and size: It will depend on the shape and size of the table; however, it is good to keep in mind that formal table covers should have an overhang of 10-15 inches while those for casual occasions can make do with a six to eight-inch drop.

Material: If you are hosting an outdoor event or a birthday party for kids, it can be a great idea to buy a disposable cover. For daily use at home, a synthetic cover will not only resist food and drink spills better but last longer. For formal dinners, you can choose more sophisticated and costly covers made of silk, satin, damask, etc.


While the tablecloth you choose should go with your sense of aesthetics, you also need to pay attention to the kind of use and profile of the people using it. Tablecloths are available in a wide spectrum of fabrics, textures, and colors and you can get them at every price point. If you can afford it, you can buy a selection of tablecloths for different occasions.