Operators began launching 5G networks about two years ago, so it is still relatively new. But what is already clear is that 5G will revolutionize basically every industry that relies on cellular networks and online connectivity in general. The gambling industry is definitely one of them. Once 5G becomes fully mainstream, gamblers can expect complete security, exceptional speed, more advanced games, and the improvement of a live dealer and VR technologies in casinos.

Online gambling will become more secure

There are some concerns with the security of 5G at the moment, but they will soon be resolved. 4G is slower, which has its benefits security-wise because providers can monitor everything on the go. Obviously, the fact that 5G is faster is a massive advantage (it’s actually the very purpose of 5G), but it does make it more difficult for providers to ensure that data is not stolen on the way. Luckily, though, the security of 5G is currently among network providers’ top priorities, so it is reasonable to expect any security issue to be resolved soon enough. They are already working toward better encryption solutions.

For now, the best way to ensure that your data and payments are safe is to choose a reliable online casino operator. There are multiple recommended online casinos out there that focus on maximizing players’ data safety and do not give any reason to worry about security while gambling. Relying on other players’ reviews also helps. Besides, playing with cryptocurrency (which will become even more popular with the growth of 5G) is another excellent way to ensure your data protection. A lot of casino operators accept crypto, so you will not have any trouble finding the one you like.

Delays in performance or sudden disconnects will not be an issue

The main benefits of 5G are speed and network reliability, which are both critical for the online gambling industry. Have you ever lost connection in the middle of a live casino game (say, when you were supposed to place a bet) and lost money as a result? Or have you experienced lags to the point when gambling lost all its appeal? A lot of players have been there. With 5G, none of these will be an issue. The better speed of 5G has already improved sports betting, and it is doing the same to other forms of online gambling.

If you are a seasoned gambler, you have probably noticed that performance problems have become more common in most online casinos in the past couple of years. The reason for this is the growing popularity of gambling prompted largely by the pandemic. The more players are placing bets at any moment, the more likely any lags or sudden disconnects are to occur. Such problems are obviously frustrating for any player, but 5G will soon make them a thing of the past.

Traffic will grow

Once online casino operators take an increase of players under control, traffic will keep growing. A recent report prepared by Grand View Research suggests that online gambling will grow 11.5% from 2020 to 2027. Other data indicate that the growth will continue in the following years. For this to happen, online casino operators need 5G, so they are personally interested in getting rid of any security issues.

If you are wondering what the growth of online gambling means for you as a player, the answer is quite simple. The more mainstream it gets, the more effort operators and gambling software developers will put into it. We have seen this happen with video games. Once they turned from a rather niche entertainment into a near-universal obsession, the quality and variety of games released have grown exponentially. Sure, gambling may never become as popular as gaming, but it makes sense to expect positive changes nonetheless. Players can count on better and more diverse slots, fully immersive live dealer table games, and next-level VR gambling, among other things. Besides, operators will get out of their way to add new convenient and safe payment methods and optimize UX all-around.

Live dealer and virtual reality gambling will get even better

Live dealer casinos have already grown much during the pandemic. They offer players an experience comparable to visiting an actual land-based casino without any safety concerns. You get to interact with the dealer and other players while playing one of the popular table games (blackjack, roulette, baccarat, you name it). However, as discussed, lags can be a major problem that robs players of all the enjoyment. 5G will solve it, and you can expect live dealer casinos to get even more realistic than they already are.

Also, VR casinos, one of the newest trends in the gaming industry, will get a massive boost from 5G. With such exceptional gambling software developers as Evolution Gambling and NetEnt already in on the trend, it will not take long for VR casino games to get to the next level. If you are yet to try it, wait no longer. The degree of immersion they offer is unparalleled. You will be surprised with how realistic (or, on the contrary, unreal, depending on the game) VR games can get. It is a great way to diversify your gambling activities if you are a little bored with the typical slots and table games.

Mobile gambling will grow further

Finally, 5G is guaranteed to prompt the growth of mobile gambling. Thanks to convenience and ease of access, it has already gained immense popularity in recent years. Seeing what today’s smartphones can do, they are in no way a barrier to the further development of mobile gambling.

But mobile Internet can be at times. Surveys of gamblers show that it is the one thing that prevents them from fully embracing mobile gambling. And once speed and connection issues go away, they will switch to it in no time. In turn, mobile gambling software developers will react and respond with an influx of incredible options for gamblers who prefer to place bets from their smartphones.