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Is there ever a time for anybody to truly need a reason to go to Las Vegas? Given that this city is known worldwide as a mecca for entertainment, the only real question you should be asking yourself is why you haven’t booked a trip to Vegas yet.

Las Vegas has entertainment options for everyone to enjoy, from great resorts, restaurants, and nightlife, to premier entertainment shows and everything in between. But, let’s talk about what the city can offer to visit sports fans, especially those looking to score big wins betting on the best Las Vegas NFL odds lines.

From visiting the new, state of the art Allegiant Stadium, home to the Las Vegas Raiders, or catching a Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey game, to winning big in one of the many premier casinos the city offers and putting that well-earned money into play splurging on some world-class dining options and nightlife, Las Vegas has anything and everything any sports fans could ever want. Here are our picks for the three best activities for sports fans to do while visiting Las Vegas.

If You’re an NFL Fan, Catching A Raiders Game Is A Must

It’s an absolute given that almost all NFL fans around the world always have a little soft spot for the Las Vegas Raiders. They’re the lovable misfits that always manage to make pro football more and more entertaining. Be it because of their passionate fan base or the fact that they play in what could easily be considered the best football stadium in the league, if you’re a football fan in Vegas, making a trip to Allegiant Stadium to catch some Raiders action should be a must-do in your list of activities.

Allegiant Stadium is already being deemed to become the next big sports entertainment monument, with comparisons to MSG and the Staples Center already being thrown out. Now while yes, a ticket to a Raiders game might cost you a pretty penny, especially given the fact that Allegiant Stadium is becoming the place to be seen for NFL fans of all walks of life, it’s a given that every dollar spent on a ticket to a Raiders game will be money well spent. Between the thrilling and electrifying action that the Raiders usually offer on the field and all the commodities that Allegiant Stadium offers to its visitors, paying the new home of Raiders a visit should be a must for all sports fans visiting Las Vegas.

Not into Football? Vegas Has Many More Sporting Options to Check Out

It’s fully understandable that not all sports fans are necessarily fans of the NFL, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to get their sporting fix dealt with in the best way possible when visiting Las Vegas. For example, if you’re a hockey fan, then checking out a Las Vegas Golden Knights game should fit perfectly into your schedule. Maybe you’re a basketball fan, well while there’s not an NBA team there yet, watching A’ja Harris and the WNBA’s Las Vegas Aces will do the trick just fine.

But if you really want to get your sports fan blood-fueling, being able to catch a UFC event should definitely be on the top of your priorities. Las Vegas can easily be considered the home of UFC, with all of their main events usually happening there, and let’s be honest, while watching a UFC event on the tv is already loads of fun, nothing compares to the experience that watching the fights live can be for sports fans, especially those fond of MMA action.

Feeling Lucky? Get Your Gambling and Betting Luck Rolling

Sure, Las Vegas is known for its vast array of entertainment options for people from all walks of life, but let’s be honest here, the main reason that Las Vegas has garnered international popularity and praise it’s because of their world-class casinos and sportsbooks. Given that this city has all the permits necessary to allow both casino activities as well as sports betting ventures to function in full capacity, it’s up to you to decide if you’re feeling lucky or not.

Be it that you’re a fan of slots, card games like blackjack or poker, or any other casino related game, Las Vegas has everything that a gambling aficionado could ever want and every casino goes out of its way to make all of its visitors feel like VIP’s while playing. The same goes with all the different sportsbooks around the city, where sports fans are able to bet on anything and everything sports-related. The only real question to answer here is how lucky are you feeling? Because if you’re a sports fan in Vegas and happen to be riding on a lucky streak, you could leave Las Vegas as a very wealthy sports fan at the end of your trip.