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If you’re looking for family-friendly things to do, you’ve come to the right place. From camping in the living room to scavenger hunts, we’ve rounded up our favorite kid-friendly things to do on a budget.

Just because you’re looking for fun things to do with kids doesn’t mean you need to spend your whole paycheck. This list has several low-cost or even free activities you can do right at home. Let the fun begin.

1. Check Out The Great Escape Room

The Great Escape Room Burlington is a great place to find fun things to do with kids. This inexpensive and family-friendly adventure will encourage your kids to work together as a family, solve problems, be active and have fun.

With a variety of experiences to choose from, you and your family can choose the adventure that best suits you. The best part about working together and having fun as a family at The Great Escape Room is that you don’t have to spend a fortune.

The Great Escape Room is affordable family-fun that you can do in an hour. Make an afternoon out of it by grabbing a bite to eat before or after as a family.

2. Create a Park Crawl

While you’ve probably visited your neighborhood park a time or two, have you ever visited more than one in a day? This is the idea behind a park crawl. The best part about this activity? It’s absolutely free.

To start your park crawl, you’ll want to map out your route. Start or end at the park nearest you and go from there. If you have little ones, you can use a stroller or wagon to give their legs a break. Older kids and adults can also ride a bike.

Choose three or four parks all within a half-mile of each other. This gives you less than two miles to cover for the afternoon or morning. At each park, you can also stop for water or have a quick snack. Make the snacks something fun and filling that they maybe don’t get all the time for a special treat.

With a park crawl, there are no meltdowns about not wanting to leave the park. Instead, your little ones will be pumped to see which park is coming next. Snap a picture at each park as a keepsake from your day of fun.

3. Go on a Nature Hunt

If you’re looking to burn some energy with kids, a nature hunt is a great activity. You don’t need to spend any money and you can finish the hunt all from the comfort and safety of your own yard or neighborhood.

To start, draw a map of treasures your kids need to find. Think about what’s already in your yard. This can be leaves in the fall, sticks, or something specific to your home like a garden gnome.

Give your kids the map and a bag to collect their treasures. Your little ones will love hunting through the yard or neighborhood for their natural treasures. When they’ve found everything on the list you can reward them with a sweet treat or a fun dessert.

A nature hunt is a great way to get your kids outside, keep them active, and give them a much-needed dose of fresh air. With just a few minutes of prep, your kids can explore on their nature hunt for hours.

4. Visit a Farmers Market

A farmers’ market is an inexpensive outing that’s fun for the whole family. You can make a to-do list to gather items for that week’s groceries or a special meal for the night. Kids will get outside, and you’ll all get a good walk-in.

While you’re strolling through the aisles you can try free samples or buy some fresh fruit or veggies to eat while you’re there. Most farmer’s markets also have a great selection of bread and pastries that are perfect for a picnic.

After your farmers market visit, you may end up making it a weekly tradition. There’s something for adults, kids, babies, and even pets to enjoy at the farmer’s market.

5. Go to a New Museum

While you may have been to a museum before with your kids, have they been to them all? This is your chance to spend a day at a new museum. Whether it’s an art museum or a hands-on kids museum, these are the outings your kids won’t forget.

Many museums also have kids’ days, free days for residents, or reduced admission for students. Check their websites to see who’s running the best deal on the day you’re looking to go.

6. Go Camping at Home

For an inexpensive twist on a Saturday night, look no further than your own home. If you’re brave enough, you and the kids can pop a tent and head to the yard. If you prefer the comfort of home, use your basement or living room as a home base for your campground.

To start, pick the location of your campsite inside or outside your home. Grab some air mattresses, sleeping bags, and your tent. Have fun with s’mores and hot chocolate for a late-night treat. Pop in a movie and enjoy a cozy night at home under the stars or your family room ceiling for a night your kids will cherish forever.

7. Cook Together

Cooking together is one of the best activities for kids, You can even use ingredients you already have in the house. Kids big or small will love getting messy and cooking something up together as a family.

If you’re looking to take up an afternoon, make it a whole meal complete with appetizers and dessert. After you’ve had fun cooking, you’ll also get to enjoy a meal you made together right at home.

Family-Friendly Things To Do Without Spending a Ton

For fun family-friendly things to do, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. From The Great Escape Room to your own living room, these are low-cost fun activities that you can easily do any weekend. Let the budget-friendly adventure begin.

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