Starting a business requires confidence and trust in one’s ability. Though most would prefer to steer away from this challenge, there are a couple of people who would be willing to risk everything and build their wealth from scratch.

Fortunately, diving into business ventures has been relatively easy compared to the past. With the help of digital tools, small business owners could have the peace of mind that even without monitoring their performance 24/7, they could still see growth in the business they’ve invested in.

For this article, we’ve compiled our five picks in digital tools that we think you deserve to lay your hands on!

Web mapping platform

Utilizing a web mapping platform like the Route4Me Route Planner could make small business owners breathe a sigh of relief. This is because the small company’s responsibilities generally fall on a single person who manages all aspects of the business.

Sure, they might hire a few help once in a while. But for instance, if you have a food business, it’s evident that you would need something that could help your food delivery drivers send the customer’s order and track the location of the business vehicle. And that’s where Route4Me comes into the picture.

By using Route4Me, your drivers could find the most efficient route without traffic or other inconveniences. Not only that, but multi-stop routing is also possible when using the app! Given that it has an installed GPS, tracking the driver’s location is a piece of cake, so you won’t have to scratch the back of your head when a customer asks for their location.

Website performance monitor

A website performance monitor is great for small businesses that have set up a website to establish an online presence. Clearly, doing so would encourage site visitors to flock to your page and browse through your offers, but did you know that it’s also an excellent method to find how your users use the site?

In fact, with the help of Google Analytics, you’d get to see if they tend to leave immediately from your website or discover which pages they’re typically clicking on. Of course, you could also mine other relevant data, and you could do this to your advantage by noting down which things should be improved to convince them to make a purchase.

Project management tool

As a business owner, we can’t imagine how probably busy you are right now, but keep in mind that organization could at least ease your tense muscles. For this, we recommend that you try using a project management tool, like Trello, to list down the things you’d have to finish throughout the day.

Moreover, you could even set the due dates for each task, and the app would notify you of any upcoming deadlines, so your business could maintain a steady flow of operations. Besides that, it’s also the best place for collaboration with a team you’re managing.

Each member has access to the same features and could comment on the boards to clarify the material’s instructions or submit their output all in one place. By this point, we doubt you’d ever have a chance to encounter troubles, such as missed deadlines. After all, you’ve already posted everything on the app.

Communication application

Emails have been an effective way of communication, yet if you’re in a rush, it’s unlikely that sending an email is the best route to go. This is why it’ll be better to pick an application that allows all employees to communicate without barriers.

In case you’re not aware, we highly suggest trying Skype as it allows you to create a group chat, so everyone can send messages and share important files to respective recipients. What’s more, it’s a nice option to keep in mind if you want the team to bond after work hours.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

When you’re juggling several tasks on both hands all at once, it’s quick for a business owner to maintain a relationship with prospects and current customers, leading to a broken connection with forgotten leads and coaxing a loyal customer to become a ghost to you.

As you can imagine, this is difficult to restore. Luckily, you could prevent this from happening with the hell of CRM tools popularly linked to HubSpot. The platform was devised to manage the internal data by tracking the logs of each customer relationship, allowing you to view how long you have been connected and the possibility to follow up on users who started to fill out the forms but unexpectedly left it incomplete.

This way, many businesses can close more deals since they have software that keeps their customers at the top of their minds.


It’s granted that you’d need more digital tools in the future, but for now, we’ve just listed the tools that we believe are currently necessary to bring growth to one’s business.

You have the freedom to choose a different software company you think you could trust. Be wary, though! Always check the pros and cons of using each app, so you’d know firsthand if this is something that you could tolerate and would encourage productivity in your workplace.