Smoking is the habit that roots far back to the centuries, which are not described in books. People enjoyed the pattern for a long time, but nobody knew about its harms. However, the changes took place.

Modernity makes surprises to older generations. One such surprise is vaping. Nobody expected that this small device (originally aimed at being a part of anti-smoking therapy) would capture the hearts, minds, and mouths of so many people.

The popularity of vape pens was instead a stroke for the elderly. However, as time passed, they have changed their minds. Nowadays, we can claim that the best vape pen is “the favorite toy” of adults.

Even though the vape pens are popular, the majority of people do not bother themselves with reading loads of scientific research and fishing out the essential information. People believe in ads.

However, marketing tools are a powerful weapon, but the important facts often are not within the field of view. The knowledge of the main point of vaping can make your life safer. Here are some key facts about vapes for the user to know.

Fact 1: Vapes over Cigs

Myths and theories cover vaping. Many of them have been cast back using scientific research and real-life experience. However, it is easier to make a man believe in something than to argue a man out of opinion, even with solid and credible facts.

The first attempts to invent a vape pen go back to the beginning of the previous century. Different doctors and engineers tried to make a device, which could substitute a cigarette and bring no harm to human beings. The idea was great, so it is not easy to assure people it failed.

Are the vape pens ineffective against smoking? Not completely. They have some advantages over smoking. Firstly, while vaping, you produce no harmful tars. No dangerous chemicals from the process of burning get into your lungs while using a vape pen as well.

Are the vape pens better than cigarettes? Not really. A person has to choose a bunch of problems he or she receives when starting either smoking or vaping. Even the best vape pens can cause significant problems, especially when a person is not an experienced user.

What are the main drawbacks of vaping? The most crucial point here is that the effects on the body depend on many various factors, including the quality of the substance. Experts claim that while cancerogenic heating elements appear in both the cheapest and the best vape pen for e-liquid.

Fact 2: Safety of Vaping

As mentioned above, vaping has several unhealthy effects on the human body. This habit is destructive not only for lungs, time, or money but also for all body systems. The proof of this was published in a number of scientific journals. The National Centre for Disease Control and Prevention tried to warn the citizens about the most evident dangers.

The respiratory system. To begin with, the process of vaping includes inhaling the heated substance, which means that the upper airways get irritated by the change of temperatures and, as a result, asthma and lung diseases are widely diagnosed within vapers. In addition, the toxic elements easily get directly into the lungs when a person uses the vape pen.

The cardiovascular system. One such toxic substance is nicotine, which is often a reason for addiction. Moreover, nicotine triggers an increase in a person’s heart rate and spike of adrenaline, which can go as far as a heart attack. The other important point is that nicotine can trigger clog formation. It can result in problems with the bloodstream and lack of oxygen in the body.

The reproductive system. Both male and female fertility suffer when a person uses a vape pen. Though the studies are limited, the evidence of danger is clear. The hazardous effect of nicotine affects the fetus and the baby in the future. The number of risks includes everything from slight pathologies to sudden child death syndrome. The outcome for males is damaged sperm.

Fact 3. Vaping as Cessation Tool

The basic idea behind the e-cig was to help people give up smoking. However, it turned out that e-cigarettes made more people addicted to nicotine, especially those of young age. The immense popularity of vape pens and free access to the devices are the reasons for the situation. People used not to think of the amount of nicotine in their e-liquid.

Do vape pens always make the situation worse? No. A person who consciously decides to become a vaper has to think of some details. One of these details is the amount of nicotine consumed. There are special nicotine-free e-cigarettes, which cannot trigger addiction. Unfortunately, they are still harmful to the body because they contain toxic chemicals.

Is it possible to quit using vape pens? Theoretically, yes. When trying to stop, you do not always need to do it abruptly. There exist e liquids with different percentages of nicotine in it. Therefore, by making the doses smaller, you can give up with time. It does not guarantee a 100% result, because nicotine is only one level of smoking as addiction alongside emotional and social standards.

Fact 4. Adolescent Vaping

Because of the role of anti-smoking remedy, vaping has gained credibility among the population. As a result, people of different ages thought that using vape pens would bring no harm to them. Parents allowed their children to use their first vaping devices because of a lack of knowledge.

Now, when the majority of people are aware of the possible risks, adolescents still learn various tricks to get the desired vape pen. Schoolteachers and other workers often report about cartridges from e-cigs and empty e-liquid bottles being found on the premises of the schools, which confirms the trend.

The majority of a parent is concerned with the situation as well. The government thinks of methods to solve the problem. Early tolerance to nicotine makes a person vulnerable to a number of dangerous diseases in the future. It also influences the future social and professional environment of the teens.

Fact 5. Vaping as Addictive Path

The primary picture of a vaping device is a cig-a-like or vape pen for liquid, both of which can be flavored. The content of nicotine is usual. In scientific terms, nicotine is a stimulant that activates specific cells in the human brain. The outcome of this activation is the feeling of joy and pleasure. However, after the decrease of nicotine in the body, a person goes under stress, craves more nicotine.

What about nicotine-free vape pens? They do not make the brain crave for nicotine, but a person is still addicted to vaping. It works as a habit: a person cannot imagine certain routine situations without vaping. Also, social relations might seem to be connected to the practice. For example, a person is afraid to lose his or her friends-vapers.

Any other risks? Vape pens are not only about e liquids. Theoretically, almost any substance can be vaped with a proper tank. The variety of substances for vaping is impressive, but not all of them are safe. For instance, a dry herb vape pen becomes dangerous when you put marijuana instead of valerian inside. Vaping makes the frames of smoking wider, which means both opportunities and dangers.