Despite the decline of traditional casinos, sports betting is becoming increasingly popular. For some, it’s to make money. For others, it’s to make the weekend football tastier. Regardless of your motivations, always improving and avoiding cliche mistakes is wise. That all starts by picking the best bookie from all the online betting sites.

Choosing the right bookmaker

Finding the right bookie can make a world of difference. You may find new types of bets, better odds, more freedom for cashing out and benefit from more promotions. It’s wise to try out a few different sites and never just settle for the first one you pick. Also, don’t go by what others think is the best – ask yourself which sports you want to bet on, which UI you prefer, and if they’re providing you with ongoing bonuses. Also, question whether it’s convenient in which payment method it’s offering you and how long the withdrawals take.

Finding value

Odds can’t always be 100% accurate in reflecting reality. Bookmakers may use advanced techniques and statistical models, but sometimes a little specialist knowledge can help identify a good value bet. Perhaps you can spot underdogs when watching small UFC events. Perhaps an upcoming fighter has very little data on them for the bookies to use, but you have watched them rise through the ranks of smaller promotions. Or, perhaps you know a reliable tipster who has some ideas.

Timing your bets

Sometimes, odds change over time because the demand for a bet is growing, too. Back in his prime, a Conor McGregor fight would always begin with odds of, say, 1/2 for a Conor win, but end up being 1/4 by the time the fight starts because casual fans were placing bets the night of the event. In this instance, it’s best to best early. But, if you spot an overlooked bet (i.e. betting against Conor), it would be wise to wait. You could also try betting live if you’re good at spotting changes in momentum, like at halftime in a football game, where a comeback is looking likely yet has great odds.


There’s nothing wrong with enjoying watching a successful bet play out, so long as it doesn’t lead to mistakes. Emotions are our biggest threat when betting because it’s what causes us to chase after losses. Studies show that humans are risk-averse when winning but risk-taking when losing. Don’t let fear force you into cashing out of a bet when you don’t need to, but don’t dedicate your Sunday to trying to win back Saturday’s losses recklessly.


A little bit of research goes a long way. You have a ton of data at your disposal, and it’s all free. Whether it’s checking form, lineups, weather conditions, ticket sales and thus atmosphere, or all of the above – you can make better-informed bets by simply taking a moment to Google some information. Perhaps bookmark your favorite sites that provide free data and get into a routine of using them.