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[UPDATED] The first "Steam Box" Is Called Piston, Being Shown At CES This Week

Discussion in 'News' started by ríomhaire, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. ríomhaire

    ríomhaire Moderator Staff Member

    Update: It appears the Piston is not the only Steam Box being unveiled at CES. Polygon are saying Valve will be "bringing multiple custom (hardware) prototypes" to their meetings with hardware and content developers at CES. We'll have a round-up of all the prototypes we can get information on between now and Friday, when the show closes.

    Original article: Polygon has gotten a first look at Valve's Steam Box. The device, codenamed Piston, is being made in a collaboration between Xi3 and Valve and is being shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The prototype of the Piston is just about small enough to be carried in one hand and Xi3 says it will have modular components with the internal storage, for example, going up to 1 TB and it will run on Linux.


    The Piston is based on Xi3's X7A which has quad-core 3.2 GHz processor and an integrated graphics card that can reportedly run Crysis 2 just fine but is priced at a hefty $999. The price for the Piston is unannounced but it's possible that Valve will sell it at a loss to attract customers to the Steam brand.


    The demo unit shown to Xi3 has an array of ports at the back: an ethernet port, 1/8" audio in/out, SPDIF optical audio, four USB 3.0 ports, four USB 2.0 ports, four eSATAp ports, two Mini DisplayPorts and finally a hybrid DisplayPort/HDMI port.

    Story and images from Polygon.

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  2. ZioYuri78

    ZioYuri78 Medic

    Please, call it "GabeCube"
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  3. tabernumse

    tabernumse Vortigaunt

    But it's not a cube... ._.
  4. kineaesth

    kineaesth Moderate Staff Member

    I'm gonna go back and like every single post Stigmata has ever made
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  5. bad@chaos

    bad@chaos Infected

    There's too many sexy ports back there.
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  6. Lobster

    Lobster The Freeman

    Do we know if this is THE Steam Box? or do they plan to back boxes from multiple partners?
  7. bad@chaos

    bad@chaos Infected

    My bet its not the definitive Steam Box and Xi3 is just the OEM.
  8. Omnomnick

    Omnomnick Lead Content Creator Staff Member

    I imagine the 'Steam Box' isn't a single product. Its possible Valve are working with a variety of manufacturers (nVidia included) to have Steam/Big Picture Mode placed on a variety of devices.
  9. MFL

    MFL AlbatrossofTime

    Ok, it's not called Steam Engine, but it's a happy medium. The name pleases me.

    Also it's sexy as hell.
  10. KKiONI

    KKiONI Medic

    It sounds interesting that this platform will allow you to swap out components.
    Certainly cannot wait to hear more details about it.

    It's small, it's cube(ish). I think it is close enough to be a Gabe Cube. Might as well also go the full mile and say it's running on Gabuntu as well.

    DEATH eVADER Space Core

    I would be tempted, I like how its modular, but would it void the warranty?
  12. Vegeta897

    Vegeta897 Banned as all fuck

    I really doubt it. Having a moddable warranty-friendly device is not unheard of. The Black Edition XFX video cards let you install your own cooler, and retain their lifetime warranty. Valve definitely seems like the kind of company that would adopt a similar policy of freedom.
  13. I can't see this replacing my custom-built desktop PC, completely assembled from the components of my choice and running an OS of my choice. It looks more like an option for mainstream gamers who want a neat-looking, pre-built and console-like boutique computer with PC-like modifiability.
  14. sixteenth

    sixteenth Companion Cube

  15. Stigmata

    Stigmata The Freeman

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    DEATHMASTER The Freeman

    Looks like an engine for a small car. Steam Engine?
    Totally stole that from elsewhere.
  17. Edeslash

    Edeslash Party Escort Bot

  18. ChiliFan

    ChiliFan Space Core

  19. Vegeta897

    Vegeta897 Banned as all fuck

  20. ríomhaire

    ríomhaire Moderator Staff Member

    There's a lot of different stories coming out about Valve from CES and we jumped the gun on calling this "the" Steam Box. Judging from an interview Valve gave the Verge (news post incoming) Valve are going to try and do what Google did with Android: They're making a Linux OS and trying to get a standardized set of features for a variety of Steam Boxes made by various different companies. Valve are making their own one which they haven't shown off yet and are currently going around CES talking to different hardware manufacturers and showing off their prototypes, which are nothing special and are just small PCs running Linux and Steam with Big Picture Mode and a Logitech controller.

    So Piston is a Steam Box, but not Valve's Steam Box.
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  21. Warped Dan

    Warped Dan Vortigaunt

    This is only good for those afraid to build their own custom PCs or are afraid of doing a little shopping for similar items in retail stores or online. On the plus side its small and looks easy to use
  22. ZeroPAiN

    ZeroPAiN Sandvich

    Can't wait for the ensuing Companion Cube version of this.
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