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Almost all homeowners aim to keep their homes well-maintained. Although some are very diligent when it comes to home improvement and maintenance, it is inevitable to experience a few problems in the home. One of the common dilemmas that homeowners deal with is problems with the plumbing, such as clogged toilets and kitchen sinks. However, not all solutions are very effective, and some can even make the problem worse. The following paragraphs discuss plumbing myths that should be avoided so that homeowners won’t have to deal with bigger plumbing concerns.

Myth 1: Lemons will help the garbage disposal smell fresh

Although putting lemons on your disposal can eliminate foul odors, it makes the metal corrode faster. Lemons are high in citric acid, which contributes to rusting and corrosion. Instead of putting lemons in disposals, homeowners can polish the inside of the disposal using ice. The process can be noisy, but it will remove the foul odor coming from the drains.

Myth 2: In-tank cleaners will help clean the toilet

A lot of homeowners buy in-tank cleaners because they think this will lessen their need to scrub the toilet. What they don’t know is that in-tank cleaners only bleach the toilet but do not necessarily remove the build-up. Sooner or later, the build-up will start to affect the toilet and cause plumbing problems. Homeowners should avoid relying on in-tank cleaners and should start using other alternatives. Vinegar and baking soda, for instance, are two helpful ingredients for removing stains, odors, and build-up that can damage the toilet.

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Myth 3: Plungers are not helpful

Homeowners often disregard the importance of using a plunger. The plumber Indianapolis residents consider trustworthy recommends the use of plungers, as these are quite handy when the toilet is clogged. Having a plunger will save homeowners from hundreds of dollars of plumbing damage. A simple plunger can break up the blockage and eventually allow easy flow of water in clogged toilets. Plungers come in different varieties, depending on the fixture to be repaired.

Myth 4: Free flow of water means everything is alright

The water may flow freely down the sink, but that doesn’t mean there are no obstructions. What you can’t see eventually leads to bigger problems. Food debris and other solid materials that go down the drain can stay there for some time. Homeowners should regularly check their drains or hire plumbers in Indianapolis.

Myth 5: Professional help should be a second option

Homeowners with no experience in plumbing tend to make the problem worse. As such, it is always helpful to ask qualified plumbers Indianapolis companies have for assistance. Doing so will help homeowners save money from high maintenance costs and more serious plumbing problems.