Q1 – Is there a way to get unlimited ammo? Thanks

A1 – Not that I know of. Impulse 101 (put into the console) will give you all the weapons and fill up your ammo though. Activate the console via options; keyboard; advanced;~ for console. Then press ~ and turn cheats on by typing sv_cheats 1 into the command line. Then type in impulse 101. If you’d like to do it in one go, bind a key to impulse 101, via bind (whatever key you like) impulse 101.

A2 – The best thing you can do is go into the console (make sure sv_cheats is 1) and set sk_max on all your weapons to some insanely high number, then go crazy with impulse 101 (such as sk_max_ar2_altfire 20000). You’ll want to bind impulse 101 to something to make this go a lot faster.

Q2 – Bind mouseone impulse 101

I never knew how to bind impulse 101 to a key

Impluse 101 has space, am I suppose to type this?

Bind [v+impulse 101]?

I really need help. I suck a console

P.S. Excuse my bad grammar, I have been on holiday to MAHLASORZ(Malaysia) and my brain isn’t functioning properly.

A4- bind MOUSE3 “impulse 101”