Most Retarded/Funny Names For Games

If you have a funny name for your gamer profile, it catches on quickly and helps you in getting popular. I will try to provide you with the list of some funny names which you can use as your cool usernames.

Funny Gamer Names

  1. Rando_mando
  2. ReflexAction
  3. Yet_another_alt
  4. 1_pack_beer_belly
  5. Die_Hard_Loose
  6. I_Am_Funny
  7. No_Arms_No_Legs
  8. Soda_Yoda
  9. The_Gassy_Granny
  10. Cok_Drink
  11. Shamer_Gamer
  12. Pan_Demic
  13. President_Small_Hands
  14. Bunker_Boy
  15. Roid_Droid
  16. President_Regeneron
  17. Bible_Baby
  18. Nun_Who_Gets_None
  19. Virgin_Pussy
  20. Loosey_Pussy
  21. Pastor_Boy_Blaster

Funny Among US Names

  1. I_Do_Destruction
  2. I_Shoot_You_Die
  3. Semi_Dead
  4. Monster_GUGU
  5. Naughty_Noob
  6. NuNi_KiLLeR
  7. Darth_Fader
  8. Fickle_the_sickle
  9. Cum_Night
  10. Death_from_cookoo_the_booboo

Funny csgo names

  1. Musky_Cheese
  2. Jacket_With_Pocket
  3. The_Farty_Killer
  4. Farty_MC_Farty
  5. The_Slow_Motion
  6. Yellow_Mellow
  7. Loco_Motion
  8. The_Happy_Gangster
  9. I_Kill_Bang
  10. Corona_Virus_2020

Funny online names

  1. Covid_19
  2. Cult_Of_Fart_Noise
  3. Turd_Man
  4. Branthrax
  5. The_Ant_Hunter

Meme names for games

  1. Chairman_Tickles
  2. Le_Shit
  3. Boing_Boing_Duck
  4. Pika_Chew
  5. Suck_My_Duck

Funny steam names

  1. Big_Baby_Yoda
  2. Kok_Soaker
  3. Slime_Liker
  4. Hump_Chump
  5. Captain_No_Malarkey

Funny ingame names

  1. Hump_D
  2. Killer_quagmire
  3. FULL_NUll
  4. Little_Duck_Chuck
  5. The_Hump_Trump

Funny usernames for games

  1. Pussy_Grabber
  2. Little_Boy_With_Big_Dreams
  3. Tinkelstien
  4. Bed_Wetter_Killing_Machine

Funny IGN names

  1. Bean_James_Bean
  2. KINK_Boy
  3. Jock_Shock
  4. Thunder_Pants
  5. Fire_In_The_Hole
  6. BuBa

Funny discord names (inappropriate names for games)

  1. Children in the back seats cause an accident, accidents in the back seats cause children.
  2. ScReW TwiZzLeRS!! i’LL MaKe YoUr MoUtH HaPPy!
  3. 24 hours in a day … 24 beers in a case … coincidence? I think not
  4. You’re looking at perfection, and it ain’t you!
  5. If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?
  6. I’ve had fun before. This isn’t it

Funny video game names

  1. Deadpool
  2. Octodad Dadliest Catch
  3. Brütal Legend
  4. Goat Simulator
  5. The Secret of Monkey Island

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If you have any Funny Names For Games suggestions please do share with us.

How to Choose Funny Names For Games?

Playing online games is more of recreational activity for many than anything else. Gamers have set up online gaming communities where they help out each other with enthusiasm. With the online gaming industry booming at its peak, many developers are seeking opportunities to create and publish whacky and funny games.  However, picking up a unique game title that sounds funny is not an easy task. It requires a lot of brainstorming and getting yourself acquainted with a few basics of how to name your game.

What’s in a Name?

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘What’s in a Name’? Because if you haven’t, now is the time when you get yourself acquainted with some video game naming facts and reality checks. To start with, when it comes down to naming online video games, you need to understand things from a buyer’s or player’s perspective. A name is an introduction. It possesses the quality of forming an image in a person’s mind. In the digital world of virtual realities, we all are searching for items by their names. Names fascinate us and make an impression in our minds. Therefore, one of the most important steps before publishing your game is giving it a name that helps your players form an image in their minds about the content of the game. When the game acquires fame, it becomes a brand and if more installations of the same game are launched, it becomes a popular gaming series like Counter-Strike.

Some of the components of a good game name require that it must be unique, powerful, and memorable. Moreover, it must also be simpler to pronounce and could be easily discovered on the web. The following section deals with step by step guide about ‘how to choose a funny name for your video game’.

The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a Funny Name:

Here are some of the guidelines which can help developers generate funny names for their games.

  • Avoid Misleading Names: When thinking about naming your game, remember that the content of your game is, Therefore, it falls in certain categories of games which deal with comic and funny games. If you name your game something like ‘Rage of Angels’, it is not going to attract the right audience for your game. This name gives off fantasy fighting vibes where angels could be taking their rage out on anyone and does little to convey any funny vibes. The best course of action is to remain true to your genre and the content of your game and name it accordingly.
  • Convey Mood and Genre of Your Game: While you are brainstorming for selecting an epic funny name for your game, it is a good practice to select names that would give away your genre and mood of the game. It is sort of a marketing trick to get your game easily engrained in your followers’ head. For example, popular games like ‘Psychonauts’ and ‘Maniac Mansions’ have names which do give off the content they hold.
  • Use the Noun+Verb or Adjective+Noun Convention: When thinking about naming your funny game in a humorous way, you could always work with this formula. Just like the names ‘The Monkey Island’, ‘Angry Birds’ or ‘Space Quest’, you could use the Noun+Verb convention and name your game something like ‘Monkey Fights’ or ‘Fighting Monkeys’.
  • Get Creative: You can also use the name of colors and genres of music to give your game a funny name. For example, one of the funniest games of all time is called ‘JazzPunk’. Keep in mind that if you choose to use color in your game name then each color conveys certain emotions. Though you may choose any color to name your game Yellow is the color usually associated with fun and light-heartedness.
  • Using Puns: You can always make use of jokes and puns in your game’s name. For example, some of the funny card games have names, Pun Pong, pun Intended and Punderdome. Apart from the literal word, you can always use any famous puns you come across in your game’s name.
  • Using Alliterations and Syllables: Developers could always use words starting with the same letter in their games’ names. Naked News, Shaun the Sheep, and Laughing Legends are some examples of funny game names. All game names except for Laughing Legends are real. Laughing Legends is just a suggestive title. Other than this, developers can also use the syllables trick. They could use either one-syllable words or a two-syllable word followed by a one-syllable word in the title. For example, Counter-Strike has both one-syllable words whereas ‘PaRappa the Rapper’ has a two-syllable word followed by one-syllable words. In this way, you can also name your game with catchy titles.
  • Name Your Game after Characters: You can always design and develop funny games after a character you liked a lot. Games like ‘South Park’ are an example of funny games named after a TV show. Following the suit, you can take inspiration from history, individuals, mythology, a favorite comedy show, etc and name your game after them.
  • Use Rhyming Words: You can always use rhyming words to name your funny games. For example, ‘Jar Wars’ is a relatively popular game on Steam.
  • Be Simple and Descriptive: One of the most important things to keep in mind while brainstorming for a game name is to keep it as simple as possible. Avoid using larger names, unnecessary repetition of words, filler words, etc. You can always use a single word that can be descriptive enough to give away your game’s genre and attract the right audience too. For example ‘Pooplers’ is a single termed funny game that is quite popular on the Steam platform.
  • Use a Custom Name or Name Generator: You could always use a custom word to name your game or use a name generator to name your game the right way. You may want to include ‘cool words’ or terms used by people across the internet.


In the end, there is no right or wrong way to name your game. You can name it absolutely anything you want but the above-mentioned steps were for developers who look for insights about how to give their game a good name which is easy to search and remains in the players’ memories for long.