Steam In-Home Streaming Now Available To All Users

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    After a rather extensive beta period, the Steam In-Home Streaming system has now been released to all users. The service, which was originally released as a closed beta in November 2013, allows users with more than one PC in their home to wirelessly stream games and software from one machine to another over a local area connection.

    An announcement page released by Valve details the system and explains how it works with a simple step-by-step guide. It is recommended that users only attempt to use the In-Home Streaming system with "good hardware and a fast home network", as poor hosting setups may cause extremely inconsistent performance. While the service only currently allows software to be hosted from the Windows operating system, the page has revealed that hosting support for SteamOS, Linux, and Mac OS X is coming soon.​
    Be sure to check out the announcement page to read all the details about how to get started with In-Home Streaming, and don't forget to join the In-Home Streaming Steam Community group to stay up to date with all the latest updates for the service. Happy Streaming!​

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