Steam "Exploration Sale" Begins - Nov 25th thru Dec 1st

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    As foretold in the great Steamworks leaks of late, this year's Steam Autumn Sale, also known as the "Exploration Sale" has now begun. It will run from November 25th until December 1st, lasting just under a week. As expected, this sale has finally brought about the death and removal of Daily Deals and Flash Sales, which previously introduced larger, temporary discounts on select games and software for short periods (of 24 hours and 8 hours, respectively).

    Instead, all deals featured in the Exploration Sale are static for the duration of the event, with the daily "Highlighted Deals" section merely pointing out high profile discounts, rather than changing them. This removes much of the repetitiveness of having to check the Steam Store page at least 3 or 4 times a day, but it definitely also limits that special feeling of loading up Steam at the same time every evening to check out the latest big discounts.

    While the rest of the sale is mostly the same as ever, the Steam Community Market has also been brought into the seasonal event for the first time, offering players between 5% and 33% off purchases should they use the recently introduced Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator, with this particular deal lasting until December 16th 2015.
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