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missing gameinfo.txt in hl2

Discussion in 'Half-Life' started by fireboy129, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. fireboy129

    fireboy129 Newbie

    i just installed hl2, but everytime that i try to start it, i get this message saying: "Setup file 'gameinfo.txt' doesn't exist in subdirectory 'hl2'. Check your -game parameter or VCONFIG setting."

    there is no gameinfo.txt in my hl2 folder, and i dont have anything else that i could copy it to...

    PLEASE HELP! i just found the game after about months of searching, and i REALLY WANT 2 PLAY!!!!
  2. Open steam and go under the "My Games" tab. Right click on "Half-Life 2" and go to "properties." In the properties window, go to the "Local Files" tab. Click on the button that says "Verify integrity of game cache...." This should re-download any missing or corrupt Half-Life 2 files.


    Or you could try buying the game, crotchstain.
  3. fireboy129

    fireboy129 Newbie

    yea... the problem is, though, that i dont have internet on the computer that im talking about, and i dont have steam.

    any other advice?
  4. Jintor

    Jintor Didn't Get Temp-Banned



    /EDIT Seriously though, if you want to play, get an internet connection, and get Steam. Hell, get the Orange Box. It's worth it.
  5. fireboy129

    fireboy129 Newbie

    well, the reason that i DONT HAVE STEAM is cause i dont have frikin internet!!!!


    EDIT and if i pirated it then do you think that i would have the balls 2 post something like that on here?

    man... a guy tries 2 get a little help, and he's shot down and accused of pirating.
  6. Jintor

    Jintor Didn't Get Temp-Banned

    Except that BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE STEAM the only possible way to even have HL2 on your PC is PIRACY.


    You have to have an internet connection to play HL2, and you have to have Steam to play HL2. And you don't have to have balls to post something like that here - you just need to be stupid.
  7. fireboy129

    fireboy129 Newbie

    ahh... **** you.

    just tryin 2 get someone 2 help me.

  8. Jintor

    Jintor Didn't Get Temp-Banned

    No help for pirates!
  9. SamuraiKenji

    SamuraiKenji Newbie

    gtfo you stupid ass pirate
    if you dont have steam your ****ed
    and dont make 2 of the same threads dumbass
    and if you dont have the internet YOU ARE SO ****ED
  10. giant384

    giant384 Tank

    im the only one who thought he was a pirate from his first post?

    " PLEASE HELP! i just found the game after about months of searching, and i REALLY WANT 2 PLAY!!!!"
  11. fireboy129

    fireboy129 Newbie


    **** all of you.
  12. Jintor

    Jintor Didn't Get Temp-Banned

    I thought it was possible he was just an idiot.

    /EDIT Uh, what? What about your house? Your house is an asshole? What?
  13. fireboy129

    fireboy129 Newbie

    i found the game in a box in my attic. i had been looking for it for a few months after i moved into my new house. we have only gotten internet set up for one computer. soon i will get internet on the good one in my room.

  14. Well, maybe he has the hard copy of HL2 where you install the bulk files and then register it on Steam. I actually bought that version when it was still bundled with CSS, though I didn't think activating it online was that hard.

    You just have to download a 2 mb file to get Steam, though the CD set should have a copy of that program on the disk.

    I don't know why you are missing that text file, but maybe a relative of yours installed it previously...


    Ah hell, whom am I kidding? :LOL:
  15. Munro

    Munro ValveTime Administrator Staff Member

    Come back when you've purchased the game. On second thoughts, don't come back.
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