Are you in the middle of the process of selecting the best windows and doors for your dream home? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. This guide not only aims at educating homeowners about various door options but also seeks to help them decide on the type that will give them maximum benefits. If you ask us, the best choice to go for is fiberglass doors. Let’s see why.

Kinds of Door Materials

There are 3 types of door materials that are very popular:

  1. Wood
  2. Fiberglass
  3. Steel

Wooden Entry Doors

Wood is the most expensive door material of all because it is sourced from high-quality wood. It is then processed to craft it into beautiful shapes and sizes.

Wooden doors are generally strong. However, if subjected to extreme climatic conditions, their strength depletes. Wood is a material that can be subjected to sagging and swelling if exposed to damp environments for longer periods of time. Moreover, its pieces may start chipping away after being subjected to wear and tear.

When it comes down to styles, wooden doors can be crafted into any size and style. This is one benefit of wooden material which really makes it stand out from the rest. While most door materials offer limited styles, wooden doors can be shaped into almost any structure. However, the more detailed and intricate a design is, the costlier it will be to get your wooden door manufactured.

Wood is undoubtedly a high maintenance material. It needs to be repainted and retouched quite a few times during its life. Otherwise, it loses its aesthetic appeal.

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Fiberglass Entry Doors

Fiberglass is the perfect main door material. This is because it excels at all of the qualities of a good entry door. It is affordable, durable, can be cleaned easily, and insulates better than steel and wooden entry doors.

In addition to the above-mentioned qualities, fiberglass doors can withstand the test of time and usage. They never swell, swag, chip off, corrode or peel away due to weather conditions. They have a longer life expectancy than wooden doors and steel/metal doors.

When it comes down to aesthetic appeal, fiberglass doors come in enough designs and styles to please their owners aesthetically. Homeowners can select from a wide variety of colors and sizes to get their fiberglass doors customized. They can also get hardware options of their choice added on to the door.

Fiberglass doors and easy to maintain. They do not require frequent remodeling or repainting since they are least affected by the climatic conditions. Furthermore, they are 5 times better insulators than wooden doors. They can protect you from cold winters and harsh summers by keeping the outside temperatures at bay.

Steel Entry Doors

The last most popular entry door material is steel. Steel doors are more expensive than fiberglass and can be subjected to environmental wear and tear. Just like wooden doors swell and sag, metal/steel doors are subjected to corrosion caused by environmental conditions and eventually get destroyed by it. This drawback puts a question mark on their durability.

When it comes down to aesthetic appeal, steel doors don’t really have much to offer. Their insulation properties are also not as good as the fiberglass and they require more maintenance than others.

To sum it up, the least cost-efficient option when selecting an entry door material would be steel doors. Since they don’t offer the classy finished look, cost a lot, do not insulate properly, and can be torn down by the weather conditions if not maintained regularly, steel doors aren’t really the best investment.

Which is The Best Entry Door Material and Why?

After highlighting the pros and cons of the 3 most popular entry door material options, we stick to our initial opinion that fiberglass doors are the best. Whether it is their strength/durability or installation price, aesthetic appeal or styles offered, level of maintenance needed, or the cost-benefit analysis, Fiberglass door outshine all others.

They require minimum maintenance and pay off the most value to their installers. They have great insulation properties and offer versatile designs. Additionally, customers can ask their windows replacement services provider if they offer alternate finish options for fiberglass doors. If they do, that is again an added benefit of using this door type.

A word of caution though – Fiberglass doors need to be cleaned regularly to keep them from warping. Although fiberglass doors are really easy to clean, the least their owners can do is clean them periodically.

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All in all, fiberglass doors make the best entry door material because of the numerous. While many people would prefer using ‘wood’ just to show off their classic taste in home design, the truth is to maintain wooden material over long periods of time can become quite a headache. Moreover, it loses its initial shine and starts looking like a damaged item which also reduces the home’s curb appeal.

Similarly, steel doors also fail to live up to the huge investment which is made in them. One has to put time, energy, and money not once but almost every year to keep them looking as good as new while freezing in winters and being naked in summers due to their poor insulation properties.

By now you must be able to tell for yourself why fiberglass is the entry door material you should opt for when getting a new door installed. As much as selecting the right material is important, it is also equally important that you select the right windows and doors replacement services provider.

Selecting the right company will ease you in many ways. They will help you through the process of selecting the material and design plus with the installation too. Our recommended windows and doors replacement peeps are the folks at the NorthShield windows and doors Inc. They have the most reliable services in Canada.