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macOS Monterey is the official name for macOS 12. With so many updates coming with this new macOS Monterey, users have a reason to smile as it reflects the company’s efforts to make their lives easier.

Most of these features are also coming to iPhone and iPad in different forms making the garden of walled devices appealing and exclusive to use. Additionally, these features are making Apple’s product more competitive and impactful in society if well utilized. Below are the top 5 best features of New macOS Monterey.

Quick note and notes

With macOS Monterey, the Notes app got an upgrade that makes it easier to use collaboratively. As a Notes user, you have access to an activity view which lets you see the changes others have made on the shared note. Depending on the macOS versions you are using, you can mention collaborators who will get the notifications.

If you are a new Mac user, there is a need to know the features of different macOS versions to understand whether to switch to a new upcoming macOS Monterey that will be released. macOS Monterey Quick Note feature now looks more than just a streamlined way of writing Notes. With it, you will be able to add links to websites or other apps, including Safari highlights that are available.

Focus on macOS 12 Monterey

One of the best feelings when using a device is limiting the number of notifications popping up as they mostly distract your attention. With macOS Monterey, there are more powerful ways to set limits to the notifications you see and when with focus. “Do Not Disturb” mode gives you more control over what notifications you should filter out and when to set a Family focus mode when you have logged off for the day.

You are not interested in seeing any work-related notifications or messages. This feature is synced across all your devices on the same iCloud account, and therefore, the same filters will be applied to your iPad and iPhone devices. Apart from the built-in Focus mode, you can still create your mode and banish all distractions when you are working.


Sometimes when working with your device, you might be required to share the media files you are watching, which is impossible with some connections in the same network. This leaves you with the option of switching off your devices and performing one task at a time. With macOS Monterey, SharePlay will give you some fun ways of sharing media during FaceTime calls.

For instance, listening to music together via Spotify. This feature works across all Apple devices, with picture-in-picture support and dynamic audio controls that adjust volume as you speak. You can easily walk your parents through a technical problem or shop with a friend remotely on FaceTime calls. And this makes macOS Monterey so amazing to use.

Universal control

It’s one of the best features of macOS Monterey, mostly useful to those that own a Mac and an iPad. A universal control will let you set these devices near one another and use your Mac’s keyboard with the mouse on the iPad by dragging the cursor from one screen to another. This cursor defines the device, which is currently the focus of your keyboard when the devices are logged into the same iCloud account.

You can also use this cursor to drag and drop files between devices, making it easier to move media across the devices connected to the same iCloud. This feature supports a maximum of three devices simultaneously. Therefore, if you can afford to keep all the hardware on hand, you can easily make your work easier with the Universal control feature.

Revamped Safari

With revamped Safari, you can organize open tabs into automatically updated and synced groups across all your devices. With macOS Monterey, the revamped Safari lets you admire the new tabs groups in a redesigned sidebar that helps manage your bookmarks, any links shared with you, and reading lists. These streamlined tabs and bars are designed to take up less space than make the operation of the device easier.

In addition, both the tabs and bars dynamically shift colors to match the color palette of the site you are visiting. Therefore, the whole app looks cohesive UI rather than your page with a menu bar stuck at the top. Through Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention, macOS Monterey can prevent sites from profiling you based on the IP address, on top of the anti-tracking measures.


The new macOS Monterey has one of the best features. It makes it the world’s fastest browser with a completely reimagined design that makes Safari more immersive and customizable. These features are tailored to meet the user’s specific needs.